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kiseka and luke fair @ breathe


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i'm hibernating until this night. so, who's coming out on jan 23rd to hear some dirty tribal house, some future funk, and everything in between?
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most definitely be there...this is going to be a great party...


ps also trying to hibernate until then :D


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I'm definitely in hibernation mode with school and my new pup, but I wouldn't miss this night for anything- Kiseka is gonna kill it as always, can't wait!!! :D

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There is no way I am going to miss Kiseka rocking the decks at System, I am there for sure! :D
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friday night off? check.

beer money? check.

rave pants? check.

air horn? check.

fun? check.

my list got smaller and smaller! :p
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Big Cheese

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totally something i'll keep on the table

if it's not smokin on the dance floor with him, it's dancing while he's smokin on the decks (go 'D :^)
I've never had a bad luke fair night, always good times

besides, last couple fridays i've been there i was really feelin breathe :^)
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Way to go Kiseka! You deserve it!
All I want to hear is some dark slutty New York tribal house :D

See yas dere
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Dirty Girl

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^^oh yeah baby, this ho's gonna shake her ass on the risers, in front of her pimp daddy all night long!!! :D
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