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King & John represent?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by juice, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. juice

    juice TRIBE Member

    Well I'm thinking about getting a place in this area. Is anyone currently living in this area ... or have you lived in that area? Any good or bad stories about it?
  2. Eclipze

    Eclipze TRIBE Member

    king and john...i workon king street right there...at urban..its a nice area. it's right in the smack of the theatre district, plus u have the heart of the club district one street up...if u can afford it...its a sweet area
  3. simpletee

    simpletee TRIBE Member


    hey if you get a chance, post how much rent goes for in that area (and for what type of place)... i'd love to live there, or anywhere in the downtown core basically...
  4. juice

    juice TRIBE Member

    Yeah I was looking at getting a place in that Jefferson building that is going to be completed by summer. Right at John and Mercer actually. Another question for the people out there ... I was looking at a 7th floor unit, what have you found with noise levels in the downtown core? How much more is it actually worth to move up higher then that? The view really won't change as I have North/East exposure with nothing blocking it.
  5. juice

    juice TRIBE Member

    Re: .

    Well I was going to buy a condo but decided to put it off for another year and save up some more cash. I'm looking at paying $1300 a month for something that is 500sqf :eek: But the building has everything in it that you'd possibly want and the finishings are top notch. Plus it will be a 5 minute walk to work from there so that will save me money on travel costs and more importantly time.

    For more info you might want to check out the buildings site :
    The Jefferson
  6. simpletee

    simpletee TRIBE Member

    that Jefferson place looks wicked... but waaay too much for my blood... :)

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