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King Britt @ Roxy

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Garage416 brought King Britt back to Toronto - haven't seen him since he hit Industry a few years ago (2000 I think?), so there was no way I was going to miss this.

When I got there it started out with Moreno in the back room and Blueprint when they opened up the main room. Both set the mood perfectly for the packed crowd. Checked out downstairs at Surface and the Milk boys were doing a quality job as always, where I got a chance to actually dance since there was some room - unlike upstairs.

King Britt layed down a beautiful set that had me in my happy place all night. Now if we weren't packed in like sardines it would have been a flawless evening. Deep house and garage to start flowing seemlessly into an old school disco and funk throwdown that filled the place with smiles. Ended the night with a wonderful track on CD - a mix of jazz, house and broken techy beats (think Autechre with Naked Music !) that I just loved, wish I could remember the name.

Left the club with my soul refilled, hoping he comes back real soon.


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I went to see King Britt as well and had a really good time. The crowd was friendly and there were more than enough smiles to go around. I impressed by Mr. Britt until around 3:30am when he started playing a little too mellow for me (I think the last hour of the night should be the best) but I was still dancing until the very end.

It was a good night. I hadn't been to Roxy for awhile so it was nice to go there and come away with a smile on my face.