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Kimball Collins last night?


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Did anyone go? just wondering how he was.. he's by far one of my favorite dj's and i was upset to miss him. luckily he'll be back in town in buffalo in september.. his first ICU sessions CD is the best, I could listen to that CD for hours and days on repeat!
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I was there last night & was dissapointed.His stuff was just TOO mellow after Oliver.BUT once Mark Oliver came BACK on after Kimbal THEN it picked up again.I have some of Kimbals CDs and was hoping for the same beats but I guess he was in a more mellow mood.There were a couple of good tracks though but all in all it was a good night for me & my friends...



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It was a good set, but I was glad it was only a couple hours long. He didn't work the crowd into a frenzy like Mark did, but I was feeling his groove.

Crowd/atmosphere wise it's probably THE best vibe I've felt on a regular night. I don't go to the Guverment very often but I find there's usually too many asians that just keep to themselves, but it must have been the tourists from caribana that really mixed up the crowd, a good mix of people and all of them were friendly.


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My friends and I decided to bear with the downtown traffic, magnified infintely by the presence of "Caribana" weekend festivities, and go to Guvernment, to show a friend from Montreal one of Toronto's "Big Club" experiences.

It was also my first Mark Oliver set in a club, although I've heard his sets on the radio and through other media often.

After spending an hour in traffic from the Gardiner to Guv, and then driving a few lights back to park after finding out Guv parking was $25, we finally got in at around 1:30am.

Mark Oliver was spinning his usual Nu-Prog-Cheese, but it was nice, and I really had no complaints because he's a cheese dj, and one can expect to sing along with cheese anyway.

I've also never been to such a RAMMED club. It reminded me of being in a mosh pit. Interesting mix of crowd also .. everything from people dressed up, to go-go dancers, to ravers, etc.

Anyway, Kimball Collins finally came on around 2:10, and I was actually looking forward to hearing this set. 2 hours later, I had heard *one* good song, and was basically itching to find my friends and go home.

I'm not saying he's a bad dj, but i did not agree *at all* with his trackselection. Mixing was fine, in fact i didn't really notice the transitions, but i also was generally displeased by the music and wasn't paying much attention at this point.

I was expecting a more epic/cheese trancier set .. like how he used to spin awhile back. The music he was spinning reminded me of a Nu-Prog / NRG / Hard Trance style, which is great for clubs, and which i had no problem dancing to. My only complaint is that i didn't like the music he was playing, the individual songs.

I loved the Guv laser though, the moving ceiling lights were great, the patio was cool, and the acid lounge was very very sketchy.

An OK club experience, a displeasing headlining dj performance, a low ranking on the party scale.

The vibe was definately there, i just personally wasn't feeling it.

But then again, i'm easily the biggest music snob i know.


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I agree with the previous message about Kimbal's set.I thought he should have seen that the crowd was in a VERY hard party mood and the music selection SHOULD have been the same.I personnaly like Mark Oliver as a dj.Around 5am he was spinning some wicked shit.As for the crowds I've seen it busier then that.My friends & I tend to hang around the edge of the stage to get some room.It was a HUGE pain in the ass to get to ONE male & female washroom since the Orange Room was closed off AND I could go upstairs because I had running shoes on....THAT is fucked UP.....

Anyway I always have a good time when I go to the Guv.Some of the security need to find another job since they have NO clue how to carry themselves.
I guess you get what you pay for eh?...

Rob G :-D
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:rooleyes: What I MEANT to say was that I could NOT go upstairs.....Man I need to sleep... Cyall Rob G


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I found the security in the club was ridiculously pushy, and they were extremely rough when handling people.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by zoo:
I found the security in the club was ridiculously pushy, and they were extremely rough when handling people.</font>

I did see them toss one guy out via the patio.Another 5' tall musclehead security said:"I wish all you shirtless fuckers..." I find that the majority of the Guv security are rude and have NO idea how to carry themselves AND have no manners.But like i said....you get what you pay for...

;-) Rob G