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Kids in the Hall!!!


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I laughed from beginning to end. The Running Faggot as an "encore" was one of the funniest skits I have ever seen. Chicken Lady, as Fattyp said, was hilarious. Buddy Cole's story about him bonking Saddam Hussein and his son in a frolicking threesome of tyranny and evil left me dying of laughter. I almost burst into tears when they took their bows.

I grew up being so influenced by them. So many things they stand for have shaped me into who I am today: their dark sense of humour, their non-chalante delivery of material, their keen sense of Canadian culture and their impactful yet subtle stabs at social issues such as homosexuality, childhood and post-modernism.

Tearer, I had a fucking blast with you this weekend. It was the perfect day chilling, the perfect evening topped off with a great b-day celebration for Hal-9000. And the car ride home was extra sweet. I was in Josh heaven, LOL. :)

Fucking geniuses. It was worth the drive to Acton... er, Hamilton.


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what to say.
i friggin love these guys, always have always will. probboly onme of thje funniest things i have ever had the pleasure of bearing witness to.
thanks jay for my bday tcket.....