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Kids Have Health Homework Today!


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I just spent the hour explaining the male and female reproductive system to a bunch of kids.

Someone spelled bladder wrong.

And put "sex" as the cause of puberty.

There was also this: An erection is caused by _________________________. Tiago put "masturbation" and spelled it right.

I told him that was okay. Is that alright? Haha.

And how would you handle the birds and the bees?
Some kid asked me what a stiffy was. *shudder*
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Originally posted by MoFo
...explaining the male and female reproductive system to a bunch of kids.

Someone spelled bladder wrong.

errr... sounds like they got a pre-emptive lesson in 'golden showers'

are you sure you're not teaching them TOO much?
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No way.
One of my career choices when I was in highschool was to study psychology and go into sex therapy. Long story short, it just wasn't my thing. All the studying and reading was making me not want to have sex. I like mystery to a certain degree.

Well, I was quite frank. But I mean, I don't know how to talk about sex to kids. So I was just honest about it.

Talking about semen was REALLY weird. *shudder*


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Well, it's homework tutoring and that was their homework.

And yes, I was grossed out most of the time but some kids couldn't spell "scrotum" so what can ya do..

Of course, these kids are 11 and 12. So it's not that big of a deal.

NO ONE has anything to say about talking about the birds and the bees?


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My mom was a health teacher.

My pubescent years were filled with lots of informative booklets and diagrams.

It was great.

(and probably why I abstained until age eighteen. It took that long for the shock and horror to wear off.)