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Kids Book : The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang


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Anybody happen to read this as a kid? It was a combination of Where's Waldo? and A who did it? Probably one of the best books I read as a kid.


So I went looking on the internet and looks like the author decided to write two more in the late 90s.


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Holy sheep shit! I remember reading them!

Why all this reminiscing Coleridge about your youth recently? all due to the birthday coming up? ;)


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coleridge said:
yeah good point, I am hung up on my childhood lately :)

Evident of a looming midlife crisis maybe? :p

When it evolves into getting hung up on your teenage years, watch out Harley dealership.


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we were talking about those books the other day. Also talking about choose your own adventure, remembe rthose?
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