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Kidnapped - Found after one year.


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A woman in the States is safe after being held by a kidnapper for one year...

She somehow managed to scribble down on a bathroom wall "He is beating me, he won't let me leave. This is not a joke". After which she noted the vehicle he drives.

A janitor that was cleaning the bathroom found the note and called the police.

She is 24. He is 26.

I find this so eerie. I can just imagine what was going through her mind, wondering if someone would read it, and respond. Straight out from a movie.

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The horrible thing is they probably will make a movie out of it, exploit it for all it's worth, further messing with the lady in question.

We're so desensitized, it scares even me, how ironic.


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Article from CNN.com.

DUBLIN, Georgia (CNN) -- A woman who was rescued Saturday after a maintenance worker found her plea for help on a women's restroom stall told police she had been trying for six months to escape the truck driver accused of beating her and holding her captive, and had left numerous messages in bathrooms.

Police found Katina Shaddix, 24, in a truck along Interstate 16 in Laurens County, Georgia, about 50 miles east of Macon, said Sgt. Gerald Frazier of the Laurens County Sheriff's Department. She remained hospitalized Tuesday with fractured ribs, numerous bruises and a possible cracked pelvis.

The driver, Shannon E. Jones, 26, was charged with aggravated assault and was expected to be charged with kidnapping Wednesday.

Shaddix's plea for help, left on the wall of a restroom along Interstate 75 in McMinn County, Tennessee, was found by maintenance worker Binford Aycock, who alerted police. Using information in her message identifying the truck, augmented with a satellite global positioning system, authorities were able to track the truck to Laurens County -- about 300 miles from where the message was left.

A woman claims she was held against her will for more than six months by Jones, who drove this truck.
Two deputies found Shaddix in the truck Saturday and took Jones into custody, Frazier said. He had made no statements to the police Tuesday afternoon, Frazier said.

At first, Shaddix told police, she and Jones were friends, and they began traveling together about a year ago, Frazier said. But about six months ago, when she decided she wanted to leave, he refused to let her go, Frazier said.

The only time Jones would leave her alone was when she went to the bathroom, Shaddix told officers. She left numerous messages asking for help in restrooms as the pair traveled, Frazier said.


poker face

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Totally straight out of a movie!

and it is amazing that you can keep someone captive for that long!

what a shit world sometimes!


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I'm not surprised that no one answered her messages. People are ignorant fucks these days.

How did he make sure she never actually SPOKE with anyone in the restrooms?
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