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KID GUSTO- The Game of Beats- Downtempo/Mid-tempo Funky hiphop breaks n beats


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Kid Gusto from Washington DC which has a really sick funk scene going on with all sorts of emerging producers. Check out this mix which is an older one from the Kid.


download here

Track Listing:
1. 1.Intro. Bruce lee's Game of death soundtrack, followed by Quincy Jones
2. Jaydee
3. Maspyke
4. Kidloco vs. Godchild
5. Mushroom Jazz vol 4
6. Jaylib
7. Kidloco
8. Quantic
9. Portakabin Fever
10. Nighmares on Wax
11. Mf Doom instrumentals
12. Brazil beats volume 2
13. Turntables on the hudson vol4
14. Nickodemus and Osirus
15. Soul SIde out
16. Drm_Shaeed
17. Royksopp
18. RSL
19. Gotan Project
20. Djinji Brown
21. Fort Knox recordings, Dodge City Rockers.
22. Quantic
23. Outro From the Game of death soundtrack.

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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I have a couple of records of his and he has some serious headbobbin' and chin scratchin' material.
can't wait to peep this.