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well, i now hate my parents, and i think im gonna burn my house down.

those fucking lazy bastards. they didn't wake me up, since i got HOME from another party at 1pm saturday, and went to sleep, I JUST FUCKIN WOKE UP NOW, CUZ THEY DIDN'T WAKE ME UP, AND NOW I MISSED THE ONE FUCKING PARTY I WANTED TO ACTUALLY GO TO. GRRRRRR.

i dont think anyone is gonna see me for a few days while i sit in my underground laboratory, cloning Rahzel.

i hate life again.

someone post how good the party was so i can sit here and feel bad for myself.



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one other thing, is it possible for me to get a refund anywhere on my ticket, since i didn't go, and it ruined my brain?



one word...booyah!

This was one sick event!
My plan was to go to the Guvernment first, then go to the ware house and not pay to get in and it worked. We went to The Guv for maybe 30 minutes paid the $15 to get in and had a few drinks. Then, since I know how to get around in the back hall ways og the guv.warehouse complex we walked over to the warehouse and...boom...we were backstage! We ended up staying at the side of the stage until about 3:30 then weent back to the Guv for a liitle while before leaving.

Rahzel was super sick! I've never seen him before only heard him. I had heard that he was amazing and he really was. Never in my life have I seen anything like that before. It sounded like there was a dj playing a song and scratching along to it but it was him and to top it off he was singing at the same time!
Craze also put on a solid performance! I see why he is the 3 time DMC world Champion. His hands at some points were moving so fast you couldn't see what he was doing. very impressive.

all in all a great show, and free at that!

How much was this supposed to cost anyways?


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i got an idea. for the next kickit party, bring back rahzel and call the party 'JePh's Last Chance' and book the party for ummmm next friday, at ummmmmm JePh's House.


good god i need some nice drugs to take my mind off this.



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I feel like I have taken a fucking beating. my body feels all numb and shit. but i'm happy.
got there around 6:00pm, they were setting up then. got to talk to craze and chikaboo, very nice and down to earth people. they were all excited and shit for playing in such a big arena.
party started around 10:00pm, circle research were on first. I can't remember their names, but it was 3 djs on 3 pairs of decks. threw done some nice hiphop, just to chill and start of the night.
next up were double soul. didn't really feel them too much. they were on for about 15-20 mins.
next up on decks medicine muffin. hadn't heard this guy in ages, felt really good to hear some ragga. threw down a sweet set, made me dance like crazy.
big league chu was up next. enjoyed his track selection. the b-boys and b-girls were going of very nice at the back. some very talented kids there. finally heard that groove is in the heart track.
jro flo and m-rock (funky teknicianz) were up next. FUCKING BLEW ME AWAY. definitely one of my fav sets of the night. just crazy ass beat juggling. mad respect to jro flo, one of the fastest beat jugglers around. t dot, is blessed with some sick ass turntablists.
kinetic was next, I have been wanting to hear him spin at a party for a while now. I liked the beginning of his set, but he tended to play a lot of the tech step, darker shit (more hiphop needed), which I don't feel too much. none the less fun set, again I danced my ass off.
next up on decks was js1 with rahzel. js1 actually turned out to be a nice surprise. didn't really impress with his early scratching, but the beat juggling more than made up for it.
Rahzel was the crowd favorite. solid set. I was kinda getting annoyed with it cause I really wanted to see craze. but none the less I was very impressed by the beatbox. I got hyper when js1 threw down 'ante up' (M.O.P) but only to have rahzel mc over it. I have mad respect for his beatbox, but he is please don't mc. he should stick to the beatbox. all in all the crowd enjoyed it, and I was impressed.
finally around 3:45 craze came up on decks. and for the first time EVER, js1 and craze were on the decks together. rahzel and craze batteled it out pretty well. with rahzel trying to do, "everything better". I personally thought js1 and craze kicked rahzels ass, but that is a strictly personal opinion. I know the crowd doesn't agree with me.
next up craze threw down a dj set. JUST FUCKING AMAZING. I had waited long enough for that shit. and was NOT disappointed at all. the man has mad mad mad mad, skills. damn. going all out, body scratches, elbows using everything to scratch the damn record. fuck. I think the high point of the night was he started juggling and scratching and making jungle beats. never seen that done. I was pissed off that he didn't get nearly as much respect as he should have.
last set of the nite was about an hour of jungle spun by craze, with mc chickaboo on the mic. she is certainly a talented woman. her voice was really muffeled though. still I enjoyed the set. to get me to dance, that late into the night really took an effort from the dj and mc.
nice crowd, everyone was pretty much chilling.
I liked the graf. some nice pieces.
oh yea the venue worked out really nice. haven't been to the warehouse in a year and a half, nice to see it all renovated.
so all in all a kick ass party.
also really nice to meet people from the board. chuck(kickit), dave(stormshadow), aphrodite and janiecakes.


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i heard from my friend that the party was supposed to end at 3:30?!?!?!?!




Originally posted by koz:

finally around 3:45 craze came up on decks.

were you at the same party as me??
that was more like 2:45
Craze started his set with Chickaboo just after 3am


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Originally posted by ~dazed~:

were you at the same party as me??
that was more like 2:45
Craze started his set with Chickaboo just after 3am

you're probably right. I was really out of it when I wrote that review. had just got back was really tired and hungry.


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Jeph... Jeph.. Jeph... I tell ya what... i come and help you burn your house down, k?
Cant believe you parents did that..
i dont think they were even home..
I called your house alot al like 8 or 9... no answer.
Anyways... too bad jeph, i fell bad for ya.. but the party was hype... I must say that i was a fan of hip-hop be4... but now i loves the shit.. rhazel threw down crazy shit... impressive and JS1 helped with a very croud pleasing set.. respect for them.
Craze was as good and even better that i though he would be... i liked when he starts to change speed on the deck with his elbow, army, back, etc.. hype shit.
Well It was a hype party.... i had fun...



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Well how much more can one say...? This Kickit for me was the party of the year! I've never been to a single jam that could satisfy most of my musical pleasures in one party...Hip Hop/Jungle/Breaks/Turntablism... WOW! Not to mention the wicked crowd that reprazent'd, all the thug ass biatches stayed at home this time around! Respect also to tribe board hotties Aphrodite & Janicakes who swarmed me on the way to the can! HAHA Peace out to the woodstock crew too, jammin and slammin to the early mornin'.

Mad respect to the kickit crew! I was supposed to be on the guest list cuz i won it on medicine muffin's radio show. I get to the door and..."sorry chump, u ain't on da list"...I WAS PISSED! I went in, payed the $35 door price and couldn't even drown my sorrows cuz i couldn't afford n e drinks. However, i found John from kickit, told him my story, and he got me my money back! YIH YIH...so i took it and spent it all on $5 beers! yeah baby yeah!!!

Respect to the massive who showed, and whoever didn't make it cough*jeph*cough i feel for y'all! Big ups to the wicked breakbeat culture of Toronto!

"If you mother only knew...that all I know... you're allll I neeeeed to get byyyyy"

Evan K
Chaotic Vibes

"Don't fake the funk on the nasty dunk!"


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i'm too tired right now too to write a long one...
but general consensus is HOLY SHIT

last nite was so amazing. big league chu, the funky technicians, js one, rahzel ...they all fucking blew me away.
i was way too tired and couldn't stay for craze which is dissappointing.

thank you Kickit!!!!



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Yes, last night was amazing!
Rahzel totally blew me away. When him, Craze and JS1 were goin at it, it was pure entertainment. also gotta say that craze is a sick jungle dj as well as turntablist. Chicka impressed too.
I was hoping for a more hip hop influenced set from Kinetic but the rest of the night totally made up for that.

so when's the next kickit gonna be?

ryan =)

Big League Chu

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I must say the special guest
"Choclair" was a fantastic unexpected surprise. It was great when JS1, Craze, Choclair and Rahzel were all on the stage at the same time.
Apparently, JS1 and Craze had never played together. Their little jam routine blew me away.

Big League Chu


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I shouldnt read reviews for parties I wanted to goto...

Looks like every party was a blast last night

I was there in spirit really I was


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I'd like to thank everyone that came out last Saturday. Reading the reviews it seems that everyone had a good time, which is dope. Just a few things...

I'd like to apologize for the hour delay in openning the doors. The sound guys were super late which forced up to delay our soundcheck (which is necessary for a PA act like Rahzel). We openned the doors as soon as possible and tried to get everyone in as quickly as possible.

As always, our Toronto locals reprazented in fine form. Big Up to Circle Research, Medicine Muffin, Big League Chu, Kinetic and definitely the surprise of the night the Funky Technicianz (that was a killer routine).

Our guests were definitely pumped. Rahzel came out with some new material and the jam with JS-1, Craze and Razhel was super good. These guys had never ever jammed together, and when Craze and JS-1 were sharing the decks it was absolutely sick, seeing as they've never worked together before. Craze always played an awesome jungle set, properly utilizing his turntable skills to enhance the track selection. Chickaboo was a dope as well.

Again, thanks to everyone that came out. Jeph, sorry to hear bout your luck, I'll see what I can do for ya.

As for ~dazed~, I'm happy that you snuck your ass in. But by posting it here, you might as well spit in my face. If you're gonna do shit like that at least have the courtesy to not post it to the whole world. thanks, you're a class act.

Anyways, again thanks to everyone and I'll see you at the next KickIT.



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oh my... I had an amazing time. The music was incredible. I loved every set. To anyone that didn't go, you make me very very sad.

I kinda posted my review in the general forum. Go there to read more.

Man, I'm stil tired!!



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so it's tuesday now, right??? s'ok, i just found my brain right now....the only way i can explain what i saw/heard/experienced would be to quote the great martin lawrence...."damn gina!!!!!" i knew it would be a great night when two cutie's like aphrodite and janiecakes chatted me up in line, and didn't even want to budd to my spot in the line...*blush*....definatly the jam of the year.....but chuck....how are you gonna top that????????????