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Kick and Robb G's birthday Bonanza @ Charlies

dj Red Turtle

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It's that time of the year where we come to celebrate two of Toronto's finest breakbeat jockeys. Saturday Dec 13th is the date.
It's gonna be fun but MESSY at the same time... but we'll try to behave... the key word being TRY ;)...

I believe guestlist is available for this one.
Check out www.dmonic.com/guestlist for list availability.

So whos in?
Originally posted by Sugar D
hmmm.. it just so happens to be my birthday too

I just might have to make it to this ;)
We'll be happy to have you!

That'll make 4 b-day celebrations in Charlie's this week! Oh the madness!!!
I recieved this letter from Robb G today via the Pure Phunk Group
Hey Everyone,

I've got a couple gigs left in December but my birthday party at Charlie's
this Saturday is my last Toronto gig. I'm taking a step back to focus on
other avenues of my life. My record label is doing really well so I'm going
to keep Promo Records alive even though the gigs are being put on hold. I'm
not saying forever and this isn't my "retirement", but it will be a long
while before I play records in public again.

The "scene" has been a major part of my life for the last decade and given
me an endless amount of good memories. I want to thank everyone that has
supported me over the years, my friends, DJ's, promoters and anyone who has
ever come out to see me play. Your support has made all the great
opportunities I was given possible.

I invite you to come out and help me and DJ Kick celebrate our birthdays
(she's turning 26 and I'm turning 23 ;) ) I promise a crazy night of great
music as I'm digging through the crates to bring out some real gems this

See you there,

Although the general guestlist is now closed, the reduced list is OPEN! Go to: http://www.purephunk.com/guestlist

It's gonna be a crazy night!
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Timeslots for the Big Birthday Bash!

11:00 - 12:30: Kick (2 The Beat, B-Day Girl)
12:30 - 02:30: Robb G (Promo Records, B-Day Boy!)
02:30 - CLOSE: D-Monic (Pure Phunk Recordings, acting referee)
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