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Kevin Smith, where art thou?

miss riot

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I saw An Evening with Kevin Smith last night. Jason Mewes sat in on one with some baggy velour pants & a wifebeater. I nearly lost it. Then Kevin talks about some sex tape of his he's seen. It was great great watching. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0346952/

So fucking great. The guy is an ace storyteller (as if there was any doubt). Now, I wanna know what's the deal with Clerks II. When is it coming out?!!
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kyfe said:
watched Mallrats again this weekend,

probably his most underrated work.
everyone slags this movie, i thought it was frickin hilarious, Jason Lee is a comedic genius

and joey lauren adams is wikkid hot
same with that crazy bitch shannon dougherty

b. assfuck: "i wanna screw her in an uncomfrotable place"
gil: " you mean like in the back of a volkswagen"

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terrawrist III

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I love when he goes off about jay's "weak sauce" :D

the time goes by incredibly fast too with one full sitting...his vernacular and storytelling totally have you from the very beginning