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Kevin Miller and Go-Go Dancing


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this is a dualie thread, so you better watch out.

Kevin Miller will no longer be forced upon Monday Night Football viewers. I'll miss his lameass jokes and awkward silences after he spoke. Mr. Madden will be taking his place ... will this be better? I personally hate the old timer football jocks, they all act as if they are still playing in their highschool league.

A story about three male go-go dancers at revolution in waterloo. This is headline news here. Best quote: "They're mint," said 19-year-old Melissa Yanchus of Guelph, coming off the dance floor with her friend.




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Craig, I'm gonna keep bumping this thread over top of your other thread so people see how dumb you are :p

never slight a hhc DJ again.
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Naturally you can expect me to be throwing in my two cents on this issue.

The football thing, who fuckin cares.

But the gogo shit.... man.

Now I have been to Rev and I have seen these "gogo" dancers and let me tell you, I take a bit of exception to some of the points in this article.

At Revolution, they work 20-minute shifts

20 fucking minutes? That's a breakfast gig. It takes at least 15 minutes to get properly warmed up and flexible. So basically, as soon as you are warmed up and the endorphins are putting you into high gear, you're coming down off the podium and chillaxin again. This guarantees you will be 'cold' all night; which is in line with what I've seen about how those rev dancers perform.

wearing anything from cowboy hats to wild-coloured shorts, they climb onto pedestals in the middle of a packed night club. As coloured lights flash, music thumps and crowds of dancing women scream, these men are paid to dance their hearts out.

First off their outfits are 100% ripoffs from what look like mixmag club pics two years ago. They are not original and are the same every weekend. Dancing their hearts out? Hardly. At times one is pressed to see any correlation between the beat and their movements, which do not change either in tempo or in any choreography whatsoever between varied beats (and at rev, they VARY, between R&B one track to hard trance the next... woo)

Not to be confused with strippers, go-go dancers can be scantily clad, but never fully exposed

An enteraining gogo has no quams about flashing some ass when required, despite local state laws.

The group said their intricate, physically demanding moves come from hours spent hanging out in clubs.

Judging by the 'intricacy' of their moves, I would say most of the clubs they hang out in are the bombshelter, Phils, and Louie's.

The dancers said they have been grabbed, pinched and kissed.

Pfff. Try taking an ice cube up the hoop.



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<shakes fist>DAMN YUO!!!</shakes fist>

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