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Kerry Chandler or Dajae tonight?


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i didn't get tix or g list to either party, but i'm thinking i might want to leave the house party i'm going to be at for some dancing.

kerri chandler KILLED it last time he played mod club.

Dajae blew me away last time i saw her at revival

the other option might be Chris Malinchuk at Wrong Bar.

anyone hitting any of the above mentioned?

there's also some late night goodness with the Inland Knights :eek:

haven't seen those guys since Matt Lunen and co booked them at the afterhours that used to be above metropolis. feels like 20 years ago.
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I'd go Kerri Chandler. The party Pat Boogie threw at some club on King St a few years ago was one of my first in Canada and it was just wonderful. Go and let me live vicariously while i sit at home eating nachos and watching old movies.


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Lots of really great options tonight, but there's only one Kerri Chandler - and he's doing a live performance. Mod Club is getting my money tonight.
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