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kerri chandler


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the opening act sucked so bad. so bad that i couldnt take it anymore and had to leave. this warm up bullshit and building it up crap is stupid and is a waste of time. dj;s need to drop it like its hot as much as possible all the time.

lesson: house is made to be fucking mixed, so mix god damn it. like relentlessly, like there is no tommorrow, dont just play tracks and be lazy. i could have plugged my ipod in.technics1200

whoever was playing please stop. give up now while you're ahead.

i wore my dancing shoes and everything. i thought milk parties were about coming early and shit... i guess not anymore... its kind of about standing in line, waiting, and drinking wishing i was on something... fuck... how was mr chandler anyways?
Stop Bill C-10


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hmm, well this wasn't a "milk" party per se: it was co-promoted by Milk, Brooks Events and Garage 416.

I have no idea who the opener was; and all I know about the party is what I read from people on facebook who attended and loved it (I was sick at home). Looks like you got there (and left there!) too early; best to pay attention to the openers for the next one and time your arrival accordingly...