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Kerri Chandler @ Mod Club


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I'd like to first off thank everyone involved with bringing Kerri back to Toronto. I know it's not easy in any sense to bring anyone into town & putting an event together, especially w/someone of Kerri's stature.

He is the definition of a legend in House Music. His productions are timeless, his talents behind (and out front - playing keys) the console are extraordinary, his love & enthusiasm for music is inspiring. I could go on, but I'll save it.

All this being said, overall - I was disappointed with this party.

There were many quality events in the city that night (one that would have drawn the very crowd who would normally go to a Kerri party right across the street) which may have contributed to the small crowd.

I'm not sure who is responsible for booking the DJ who played right before Kerri but it was a complete mistake. I'm not slamming the DJ who was on before. He has skills, played what I'm sure are good tracks in another setting but for this type of party & what Kerri brings to the table - it was not the right choice.

Most of the tracks that were played were borderline progressive. Very boring, no soul/feel to them - very metallic. Not something you'd expect when coming out to hear someone like Kerri play AND do a bit of live work as well. To be honest, it completely burned us out. We were almost in shock as to how inappropriate his set was. In another setting, I'm sure he would have set the room on fire. Not for this party.

Kerri came on and was awesome. He played a very inspired set for us. Some classics, edits - it was great.

The room was down to maybe 100 people by the end of his first hour, second hour - 20 people? It didn't matter, Kerri was still playing his heart out. Singing along with the tracks, playing live keys. Having just seen him (3 weeks ago) blow the Southport Weekender away at a 3pm slot, it was nice to see that same smile on his face, that same enthusiasm that he brought to the Southport Weekender - only this time, it was for about 20 people by the end.

Kerri deserved better.


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I do think there were too many competing parties that week-end. I have said this before: I wish there was a small promoters "cartel", so that they could ensure they spread out the goodness a bit more.

The target crowd for this completely overlapped with Dajae at Revival and to some extent with Kon at Blk Box.


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my 1hr nap at 7 pm turned into full on sleep. it's shameful considering i started the roll call thread and misspelled Kerri in the thread title.

anyway, i was talking to one of the Dajae promoters a few weeks ago when Monique Bingham was in town and suggested that they combo the parties.

he didn't even say anything, the look on his face said it all. i know there are politics and sponsorships involved, it's too bad.

it could have been epic with KON, Dajae and Kerri Chandler on the same bill.

ps The Monique Bingham party was fantastic.