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Kerri Chandler at Roxy

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OM God - I think I went to church on Friday!

PhatBlackPussyKat brought Kerri "Kaoz" Chandler to Roxy Blu and there was no way that I was missing this after his set last year. I would include this among my best nights of the year so far - a almost religious experience. Thinking back still brings a warm feeling and a smile to my face. How to describe the music that provided joy for your entire being?
- Transcendent
- Quality
- Soulful
- Uplifting
- Beyond compare
Salvation was delivered through the gospel according to Kerri: beautiful deep house and garage from start to finish. Once they opened up the main room, the world dropped away and I lost myself in the truly wonderful sounds coming out from the DJ pulpit, to the congregation on the dance floor. My soul left happy and fulfilled, wishing that the night could have continued forever and ever ... Amen

An amazing start to a solid weekend of HOUSE.



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that must have been sweet. i missed him at roxy but i caught him at the UP festival. it was one of the best (but short) sets i've seen in a long, long time.

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It was sweet. Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better he would drop another track that would take it to a whole other level. His set at Up was excellent but take that and spread it out over more time where he could work the tunes on a whole journey, you get something so special.
I spent a lot of the evening dancing with my eyes closed. Thankfully it wasn't as jammed as most times I've been to Roxy, so I could totally get lost in the groove