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Kerri Chandler at roxi blue


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Holly shite, this dude does know what *good house music* means.
Within many selections of place to hit (there were way too many good parties that nite), I chose Mr. Chandler for one great house music that I never got to experience here in Toronto (i was always chasing after techno events..or many of my deep house events were good..but a bit pop sounding...)

When I picked up the flyer a week ago at tonic, I knew that I will love this guy's sound..one great experience for me to dance with my spirit free and in harmony...a perfect event for me before i move to Japan ...hehe :)

I got there around 11:45pmish, the place was so so packed..a girl DJ (kelly lewis?) threw some deep and intimate sounding tracks..she had pretty good selections of record..some including naked music sound..but it seems as though she lacked in good programming ..but other than that, her selections of records were pretty decent :) and she threw a great warm up music for us to get ready for kerri chandler.

Kerri started his set just around 1am or so? and he started with some old skool house tracks..that had some very classic vocal tunes in them (remix)..he dropped some sound effect of thunder in the beginning of his set, which was neat, and it made me wonder if he does that for every single set he throws (if that is the case, that is a cool way to identify his own sets...i always like it when a DJ throws a signature-sound effect in the beginning of his set). He also played some newer 90s deep house stuff as well, that sort of added a good spice in his set. He had a killer mixings though when he played two tracks together and lowering the base sound of one etc.. he looked very focused and appeared to be putting his concentration and all of his energy into his set which was very impressing.
He also threw some tracks by nuyorican soul and incognito which were very sweet to dance to (cause i personally have never seen a house music DJ who play their records live).

I had fun time dancing..but since I had a cold, i could not dance the whole nite..but it was most definitely great time chilling on the comfy couch at Roxi blue and just digesting the great sound of music inside of me.

I thank you for JIVE:3 and Coast II Coast entertainement for the great party.

I also want to thank ROB and that 420 guy for coming to see me! It was also VERY NICE to meet up with ALEX (you are such a friendly and sweet person!!!!), Cheryl (i always do not forget your sweetest smile!) and Duncan (hehe I love his smiles too :D)

Thank you, Toronto. till the day of my return.




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glad you had a good time...

however kelly lewis is a dood....but i'm sure it was too packed for you to see...i'm sure he'll forgive ya :>


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I went there olny to take pix.. didnt particularily like the set... not hard nuff for my breakbeat and bassline ass =/

It was wikkid to meet you Kumi for the first time!! You are the sweetest!!! :D


more pix can be found here


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I think the girl DJ you are talkin about is Denise Benson????
She was amazing, and I actually enjoyed her set more than Kerri's. Chandler was decent, but not explosive - I enjoyed Little Louie more. He played a couple tracks with basslines I hated, and dragged the track on for what seemed to be 20 minutes. When it gets to the point where the crowd stops jumping, and everyone is just trying to keep some sort of rhythm - time to change records.

However, the crowd had a great vibe and I successfully found the little spots on the floor where I had room to bust. (Right next to the giant fan too! Wicked!)

A note to Roxy: there is a little light over the bar, just left of the DJ which is so damn bright it periodically blinds everyone in its path. Please lose that light.

Anyways, good times, lookin forward to the next Garage416 party.

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