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Kerri Chandler at roxi blue

Par- T

TRIBE Member
Damn, Kumi
Kerri is "da man", absolutely wonderful House with a capital H !!
You'll have a great time if you go, but come to Dimitri instead, I had to try and decide between these two and opted for DfP - need to see you before you go to Japan.


TRIBE Member
Hey Par-T, I was in the same dilemna as you and I am going to see Kerri Chandler, Dimitri was the shit last time he was here, but I don't feel like going to the Guv, today as it will be a mess, besides I think Roxy blu will have a much better vibe than the guv.
P.S I wish promoters would some how communicate between themselves instead of making us choose between two good dj's
anyway have fun