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Kero - Live PA (glitch/techno/idm)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by gsnuff, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. gsnuff

    gsnuff TRIBE Promoter

  2. gsnuff

    gsnuff TRIBE Promoter

    The set is from when he played at wabi last fall. :)
  3. ~atp~

    ~atp~ TRIBE Member

    So I listened to this mid-morning today while I was doing some coding for one of our customers. I wasn't paying 100% attention to it (as I would normally) but I think that on at least half a dozen occasions the transitions in this set really surprised me.

    I loved this set for the fact that it was playful and had enough rhythm so as not to limit its appeal to the cranial-massaging intellectual crowd. :)

    I think what stands out most for me, though, are some of the fantastic transitions that keep this thing sounding fresh for the entire set.

    I'll definitely be giving this another listen tonight. Merci beaucoup!
  4. blipblurpbleep

    blipblurpbleep TRIBE Member

    thanks muchly.

  5. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

  6. gsnuff

    gsnuff TRIBE Promoter

    Yeah, it's a tight, punchy set. I don't generally like to talk about geography and artists, but as much as Kero is invested in the Miami-Schematic/UK-Warp sound(s), he is still very much a Detroit artist. :)

    When you think about artists like Kero & Jimmy Edgar, it's quite clear that there are some new sounds bubbling to the surface of Detroit; let's hope the music press & public are willing to listen with a fresh ear rather than measure these artists against all the (tired) cliches associated w/ Motor City.

  7. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    it's weird, i know kero is marketed as a dancefloor performer, but really i can't dig his stuff unless i'm alone / listening through headphones

  8. gsnuff

    gsnuff TRIBE Promoter

    Is that for all of his stuff? A lot of his production is armchair IDM, but he can bang it out for the floor as well. I prefer his more beat-oriented floor friendly stuff personally.. but I suppose all of his stuff likes to get the headphone treatment.

    Kero just released a full length on Neo-Ouija.


    I have a copy of this but I haven't got a chance to listen to it yet. Warpmart gave it a pretty good writeup. Regardless, I'm pretty pumped to hear Kero this weekend as the material he prepared for our journal is killer.

  9. HouseHeadSacha

    HouseHeadSacha TRIBE Member

    was this the guy at the wabi party where he was playing in the downsatirs kitchen of a restaurant?

    i forget the name of the venue.
  10. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    that was mat jonson at no regrets
  11. drave

    drave TRIBE Promoter

    i'm new to the music downloading thing, but why when i click on this link my screen calls this an unknown type of file and it's only 25 kb or so, shouldn't it be coming up as an mp3 of 4000 or 5000 kb?

    I've been able to get some mixes downloaded, but not this one and not that yohimbe one that basilisk posted. Help?

    dave of Promise
  12. miller

    miller TRIBE Member

    right click, "save as"

    should work...

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