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Kensington Winter Fest! Fun Fun


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Anyone go to the Winter Soltice at Kensington last eve? JAR and I headed down there after guzlin a few drinks in the movie the-a-er, (watched bad santa...very cute). So we got down to Augusta and had an empanada from that delicious place I always forget the name of. We stepped out to see thousands of people gathered aroung these massive pupets preforming a sketch. It was really incredible! The amout of work that goes into those pupets is breathtaking. It reminded me of Jim Henson's work in Labrynith, (one of my favourite movies). And then the samba squad, (I think it was the samba squad) started playing absoulutely amazing percussion. I am a huge fan of latin music, so JAR and I started shakin our tails and walking along with the horns. Everyone was so happy and the little kiddies were just lovin it! What a amazing event! I will surely be there with my sweetheart next year :D