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Kenny vs Spenny vs Ed?

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looks like i stand corrected:

Later in 1997, while trying to attach a star to his script THE DAWN, Hotz came up with the idea to record the process. Shot in Hollywood and "The Toronto International Film Festival" (where they were kicked out three times), PITCH documents the real life story of Hotz and his writing partner, Spencer Rice as they naively try to sell their script. Known in Canada as having the "biggest balls in the biz", the duo corralled a magical array of celebrities and industry heavyweights to appear in the film. "It’s a star-studded movie, about two friends who can’t make a film."

Hotz came to Los Angeles upon signing with Will Smith’s production company Overbrook Entertainment to develop television programming. Hotz and Rice then starred and produced KENNY VS SPENNY, a reality/comedy television pilot.

The series format has been sold for development in eight additional territories, and has gone into production in the UK and Ireland (as Ed vs Spencer for Sky TV), Germany (as Elton v. Simon for Prosieben TV), The Netherlands (as Katcha v. Bridget —female opponents — for BNN), Columbia (as Juan Vs Roman for Caracol TV) and Turkey (as Cenk v. Erdem for Show TV).
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If you grab the Season 1 DVD set of Kenny vs. Spenny there's a speacial feature thing where you can watch "Pitch". It's actually not too bad, some funny moments and a great idea.