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Kenny Ken & MC Foxy Thursday @ hush


TRIBE Member
Hey just a little heads up for anyone in Vic whos lookin for a decent DnB night.
Kenny Kens comin to town ,
opening will be some of the whitebird guys.
It should be a fun night except I'm feeling a little jipped that its only him coming. The World of DNB tour is going on post WMC madness and the likes of DJ craze, SS, roni size etc. are all in North america right now.
also my one other gripe is yes all us victorians love hush and its continuing commitment to Electronic music etc etc. but where the hell are they going to put the MC ? theres no room. this should at least be at lucky or somewhere with a proper stage.
<end rant.>

either way much respect out to ground level prod. for puttin on this event.

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