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kenny glasgow @ element next friday


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Nesta: Did you see the six hour set Kenny is slated to spin at System later this month? I'm holding out for that..


Hopefully I'll catch your stank ass there.
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oh yeah, that should be hype as well...but i can't resist element.
maybe i'll go to both. after all, it is kenny. :)

too many good nights popping up!


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well.. me and the red turtle are gonna be hittin this up.

Gotta go and see toronto's techno ambassador Mr.Glasgow.

shit.. after his set @ Dave Clarke.. I don't want to miss out anytime that kenny is throwing down.

BBB... you should try to reach.

fattyp©2002 <--- isn't working the door ;)


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I'm always there anyways but this night being Steve's birthday all... I don't know, things are going to get dirty!:D
Kenny G rocking it prime-time at Element.
My 5 favorite TO dj's in one place:cool: