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Kenneth Thomas killed it at Viva !!!!!!!!


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The night strted off with a few drinks at a bar in Mississauga but the bud that was with me was being a prick so I took off on em. Left him and his girl at the bar with no ride home. Personally, I do no do that sorta thing to anyone. You come with me ; you leave with me. BUT, if you are acting like a snob and think you have it better than me because you have a girlfriend....there is so much I can take before I SNAP !

Anyways............got to Viva at 1:00- paid $15 (not bad). Place was slightly filled. First time there. Noticed a lot of Asians (ie. Markham) but everyone was there to have a good time. Spent the first hour chatting it up with 'Bo Bo' the bartender. Beautiful asian lady that made me laugh all night. A pill and a redbull and I was ready to go. The space is quite large. The sound is system is pretty good. Couldn't say much for the gangs hanging out in corners. Viva is like Guvernment meets Comfort Zone.

Mark Oliver started off sweet with the some bass thumping tracks and some anthems. 'Bo Bo' wants to be his second wife she says (lol). I was chillin in VIP when the first one hit. Green butterfly. Guess who pops up in my face ? A very good looking guy named "Ricky". WE start chatting it up, laughing and joking around. It's about 2 and Kenneth is about to start.....so Ricky offers me more pleasure a hop skip and jump away. Yet supposedly real. WHY NOT !!??

From the first track to the last, Kennth ripped the sound system open inside out. Hard, fast, explsive beats filled the room. He was going mental behind the decks. He knew every word to the track and his mixing ? what mixing ? he's a magician. Not one skip or improper overlay. His fingers did the walkin and his ear was right on queue. Cant name any of the tracks. Thats where Josh comes in (aka. Whitey). I was dancing everywhere and with anyone. Rick kept me in check after 3 already. Boy they were real and STRONG. For a second I though I was at Amnesia in Ibiza again. The crowd got huge at 3:30 and the soldiers stayed till the end.

I read about Kenneth in magazines and on the web. He is from Detroit. The likes of Armin, Van Dyk and others adore him. Whitey got a free CD from him and his jacket was stolen. Oh well. Damn you are so goodlooking Rick !
Thats my insecurity talking. Progressive, NU NRG, REsonate 4 type of music with an edge of hardness to it. I heard he might be a resident there !!?? Would someone please verify and look out for him.

Left at 6, Rick and Whitey had to go to work. Chilled at Whitey's place. Man he is a nerd at electronica. I just kept naming sets after sets and he had them copied and filed. JOsh you need a new place. $850 is too much. Move to Rexdale and get a 2 bedroom for $700. Rick cant wait for the golf lessons. I made 2 new freinds that would compliment my life right now and they seem very REAL.

It's 4:51am Sunday. I just woke up after falling a asleep last night at 7:00. I had enouigh tokes to settle my feet and throbbing heart and mental bliss.

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