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Ken from Utah on Jeopardy


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tonite will be his 15th day

smart cookie, and quick on the trigger...always manages to find the Daily Doubles

Cheer Bear

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He had a difficult go of it last night, but in the end, he reigned supreme! go ken go!
he could buy a mansion in Salt Lake with that kind of money. :D
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Bernnie Federko

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Originally posted by Cheer Bear
I had a difficult go of it last night, but in the end, he reigned supreme! go ken go!
he could buy a mansion in Salt Lake with that kind of money. :D
And a ton of wives!
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Bernnie Federko

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Originally posted by JAR
yeah, the man is good. he's super-fast at signalling, and he ALWAYS seems to get the daily doubles.

I'd like to see him break a million.

side note: is anyone familiar with Michael Larsen, the dude who figued out how to be "Press Your Luck," the WHAMMY game from the early eighties? really interesting story.

Knew about Larsen. PYL was my favourite game show as a child.
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i have a nonsexual crush on ken....his genius is staggering - and he's from UTAH!? - what a mindfuck.

what's really unfortunate in my books, is that they did the taping of this run of jeopardy shoes in february, so the drama is loooong over for him.


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Q: 'Jeopardy' Champ; A: Who is Utahn Ken Jennings?

Ken Jennings
By Vince Horiuchi
The Salt Lake Tribune

Imagine the booming voice of host Alex Trebek: "The category is 'Jeopardy' Giants."
"For $2,000: He broke the record for the most consecutive wins and won the most money in the history of 'Jeopardy.' "
"Who is Murray software engineer Ken Jennings?"
On Friday night's show, the 30-year-old Brigham Young University graduate became the longest-winning contestant to play the popular syndicated game show, amassing a total of $266,158 in prize money after his eighth consecutive appearance. He resumes his streak Monday. "Jeopardy" airs Monday through Friday on KJZZ Channel 14 at 7:30 p.m.
"This is really an amazing record that Ken has, because he is winning at a pace of about $31,000 a day," said Steve Beverly, a game-show historian who runs the Web site http://www.TVGameShows.net and who has been watching Jennings' progress. Jennings' run, which began airing on June 2, was taped earlier this year.
The real $64,000 question now is how far can Jennings go?
Last fall, "Jeopardy," which began in 1964, scrapped a rule that limited a player's run.

"The producers lifted the five-day rule, allowing them to continue to play as long as they remain victorious," said the show's spokesman, Jeff Ritter. "The sky's the limit."
After the rule was changed, Tom Walsh of Washington, D.C., played for seven days earlier this year and won $184,000. Jennings' win on Friday broke that record.
"He's one of the most amazing contestants with the buzzer that I have ever seen," said Beverly, who is also acting chairman of the communications arts department at Union University in Jackson, Tenn. "And he also has a wide variety of knowledge on a broad base of subjects."
For example, Jennings correctly answered a "Daily Double" question that had this answer: "The only Central American country whose national anthem is sung in English."
At the last possible moment, Jennings buzzed in and blurted out: "What is Belize?"
"He seems to know politics, history, the sciences. Oddly enough, the hard-core pop culture is not necessarily his strongest suit, it's more of an academic variety of questions," Beverly said. "You've had some people on the show during his first seven days that had they played anybody but him, they would have been champions."
The only questions Jennings can't answer are from news reporters. While he is a contestant, the show's producers have barred him from talking to the media about his experience.
But his friends and family are in a frenzy over his marathon.
"Everyone is just thrilled and cheering him on," said Mary Biljanic, a co-worker who attended a "Jeopardy" party Thursday night and is a spokeswoman for CompHealth Group in Salt Lake City, the health care staffing company for which Jennings works. "He has such a boy-next-door character, and now he's famous here."
If his winning streak continues, Jennings could become the most celebrated software engineer in America.
"When the decision was made to eliminate the time restriction on the show, I really think they wanted to see . . . who could just simply go on a tear and be almost unbeatable," Beverly said. "Ken is potentially a long-running contestant on this show."


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yeah, I think I caught jeopardy about a week ago, and he just anihilated (sp?) the other two guys.

Should be another good one tonight.


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press this...

Originally posted by Bernnie Federko
Knew about Larsen. PYL was my favourite game show as a child. [/QUOTE

yo D,

who knew you were such a jeopardy fan??? and PRESS YOUR LUCK!!!! i loved that show. i have new found respect for you!


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Originally posted by JAR
I watch Jeopardy every night.
i grew up on jeopardy. haven't watched it regularly in ages though :( my housemate is a bit of a tv hog so i never get to see it.

time to take back the TV i think. it's on at 7:30???

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