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Ken(ECB) and Hodges Live Sets from Footwork's Robsoul

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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nice set
didn't know he could dj as well(ecb dude)
likethat tune near the end from that tribute record to that detroit house dj that passed awhile back--ken collier(i think)

peace out g.
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Ken's set delivers the goods... he plays so many great tracks...

I love how he throws in this track that goes " thats why why keep it underground" .. this set has a nice disco house feeling to it at times which i love.. I am idiot #1 for not going to this party

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Hodges brings the beats the too.. say what new music

owwwwww weeeeeeeeeeee.. the sticky iky



JOSHB said:
is the Hodges mix really only 33 min?

ha ha - yeah, i had to get going from the club relatively early that night, so i only caught about half an hour.
i'll get it in full this weekend though. ;)
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