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Keg party in Brampton

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Miss Michie, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Miss Michie

    Miss Michie TRIBE Member


    haven't had this much fun in LONG time.. woO hOO

    drinks, friends, and records

    who else went?

    so much fun!
  2. ~SweetBeatz~

    ~SweetBeatz~ TRIBE Member

    Was a lot of fun :D...I don't think i've been to a keg party since high school.
    Good people, beatz and beer !!
    Thanks Peter :)...Great party, but i forgot to get my tiki torch before i left :p

  3. Retepic

    Retepic TRIBE Member


    Wow..i haven't been on this board in ages...

    Just thought I check it, and what do I see? a review post on my party?! haha sweet.

    I guess all my hard work actually did make an impact. ;)

    Well here's my review...haha of my own party...pretty lame but here goes.

    This was my first kegger. Approximately 150 people rocked my house saturday nite, and without any incident or complaints from neighbours. The music was so LOUD! It sounded just like any other party i’ve been to. I’m so relieved that no cops came to visit, phew. Sorry everyone about the map, I screwed up. But hope everyone made it there ok...
    Yah so, I don’t wanna flatter myself but that party was one of the best parties ever! ;) And I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friends, my aunt and cousin, thanks for letting me invade your place for the nite. I’m sure you’ve never been to such a crazy party before. I think everyone that came had a blast, except maybe for the few odd people that I didn’t even know. But for the rest of ya, thanks for making my party such a memorable one. Thanks Michie and Lucy for such a awesome set, you two made my nite for sure; Nice to finally meet you Lucy, but you forgot to pickup the flyers you left around my house. and Michie, you pee alot! lol. You girls looked so fabulous up there. Also thanks to Willar, Chris, Jeremy, Jason, and Neil for bringing my party to life with your music. Thanks Alex, Brian, Jeremy and Joey for lending your equipment, you saved me a bundle. Aj for the last minute cables and lamps. And of course Shan and Lisa for taking care of the drinks, you girls had to deal with alot of drunk people all nite. Sorry...
    Thanks to all my friends that actually came especially to those of you I never get to see. Everyone I talked to had such a wicked time. People were way impressed with how the house looked and how we set up the backyard. They loved, not one but the two bonfires we had going. Some people actually brought their tents too!
    So people are asking when my next party will be! I got compliments on how I’m more organized then some Toronto promoters...haha, little to their knowledge though, I use to be one. But ya another party won’t happen anytime soon. We blew way too much on that party but hey that’s ok, it was indeed a party to remember forever, I was so delighted to see everyone having a great time like we use to at parties, I really missed that....and that was worth ALL the effort.

    Pics up later
  4. Retepic

    Retepic TRIBE Member

    Well you didn't camp over. ;) I had a tent all ready for you too.

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