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Anyone heard the new Kaskade CD ...in the moment

I just picked this up and there is a bunch of quality tracks.

worth a listen....if you like vocals
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Big Cheese

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is anyone else willing to bring him back to t-dot?

last time his set was good, but the placed emptied out right quick

better venue i'll hopes for is he does

and yeah haven't had a listen, any tracks to keep n' hear out for?



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Looks like Kaskade will be playing at Underbar Friday August 6/04.
Might have to check that out.

Have to check out the new CD as well.
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I really like the vocal in track 2: Maybe.

Anyone know if he has a house remix of that vocal? The song is more acid jazz.

There's more remixes of the steppin out track, although I only heard a short sample.. wondering what the other mixes sound like.. greenskeepers, members only remixes, etc.)