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Kaskade @ Andy Poolhall

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yea. how was it?

someone kindly burned me a copy of Jeremy - so dreamy - Jive's Kaskade Tribute and I've been that crazy grinning girl driving & dancing to work for the past two days.

On second thought I don't want to know how freakin good it was. I've banned myself from this thread.


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Sweet Venue, cant believe i live opposite it and never been before... Really nice just to chill out, mix it up with, what seems like half of the people on Tribe. ha ha.... So roll on about 12.45 and there is no one in the place, APART from on the dancefloor, fucking well funny... Not really my kinda tunes, but got a bit of a groove on for a bit, jumped around like a lunatic, as you do. Left at about 1.30am, to make sure i was right as rain for work this morning ... :(
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F'n awesome time last night...the whole crew arrived in full force around 11ish...I dig the poolhall, very spacious, lots of places to sit/chat, and nice lil' dancefloor they had there. Andy Roberts played some nice bumpin' tunes, then Kaskade came on a little before 1ish...he proceeded to play his signature sound/tunes...then the cd skipped. Not once, but twice, three times...before he just gave up on it, then dropped the next track...which turned out to be Freeform Five's - No More Conversations...whaaaat!

Last track I heard before I left was the new Bob Sinclar (F"N LOVE IT!), and I went a bit mental before we took of shortly before 2...nice little party that was, and nick's bday celebrations were deemed a success!

p.s. nice meetin' both davehill, and vinylrach...

p.p.s. MIAMI!


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fuck dave you beat me. i didn't get home till four and i was DYING so i crashed right away despite making bets that i'd be the first to do an event review. First off i want to thank everyone for coming out, the night was such a huge success and there was a great vibe there last night. I love Andy Poolhall because its got such a funky atmosphere and every wehre you sit its like you're in a different bar.

THAT being said i took the night off doing the door because my dj GOD was playing...and he didn't dissapoint as usual....i didn't leave to go to the washroom, get a drink, have a smoke during his entire set.

I was really impressed with some parts of his set that really showed the grittiness that is his chicago background...but that san fran flavour showed through in everything as well. in talking to him at the end (After all the girls stopped drooling all over him) I told him i really appreciated how much time and effort he obviously put into what he produced because it has such a spiritual vibe in every track and everything he makes is SO positive. I love deep dark dirty beats just as much as the next person (he admitted he is a bit of fan of that himself) but there's nothing like happy upbeat beats to brighten your day. I was talking to someone last night that explained his sound perfectly to me. You can listen to Kaskade and chill with your friends or dance all night and not want to stop.

Best night in a long time. hands down.
(sorry to all the people i ignored. i was busy :) )


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Right on Rach..... You were SOOOOOOOO Happy, like the kid that got the candy!!!! Theres a few pics to go up soon, maybe tonight!!! Maria, WORD, Tobywan, sweet to meet up with ya, Wisey me old boy.... top work.... Happy bday Thewathcer and all the other old folks...Catch yous all on next thursday......

Peace out


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Don’t you know the way you move me... it’s alright – it’s better than anything...

What a sing-along! It was a fun night although I would have preferred, like a lot of people, that Kaskade come on a liiiiittle earlier. It was nice to see everyone and hang out and shake my booty on a Wednesday night.

I can’t say I was über-impressed. The venue’s cool – I forget that Andy Poolhall is there. The sound isn’t great, but the atmosphere is really fun. I left at around 2am – I was tired, too hot (or maybe it was just me, baby!) and errrrm slightly bored. Once I heard Everything I was happy to leave.

It was a nice evening out with the crazy kids. Thanks to ACE!

DAVE - you and your camera. i hope that picture of me mid rubbing-my-lips-together-with-gloss has found its way into the garbage. i look like a fraggle.
RACH - you're crazy girl! hope your conversation with Kaskade was everything you dreamed of... sigh... ;)

hahahaha - happy non-birthday ANDY!
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Awesome party...great venue..super cool peeps...Kaskade is my God and I have missed him everytime he has come to Toronto.....and he did not disappoint one bit....I was right by the booth when the record kept skippin and even he was laughing about it....Highlight of the night "everything" and the whole dance floor belting it out at the top of their lungs...what a tune...!!


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I dont think there are words to descirbe how happy you were.... Perhaps "Super mongoose happy" could be a good one.... ;) Glad yo had fun....