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Karla Houser + Local Source - April 26 - Junction City Music Hall - Dundas W


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Hello good music lovers,

On Friday, April 26th, please join us for the 2nd edition of LOCAL SOURCE, with special guest Karla Houser and support from Darrin Be aka D-Züs.

Curated by a core crew of long-time DJs and producers Neil Mooney, Bob Sexton, Jonathan Swayze and Dan Torrance, LOCAL SOURCE brings together like-minded people in a cool venue with good sound to appreciate an eclectic mix of excellent music.

Our first event featured a variety of deep, bumping house and techno with plenty of curveballs to keep things interesting, too. The vibe in the room was fantastic last time and we're aiming to make it even better this go around. Come out, get up and get down. FREE all night.

There are retro arcade and pinball machines, drink specials, and cozy conversation booths so come early, stay late and make a night of it.

Flyer design by Neil Shapes
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