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Kanye - 808


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Thoughts on singles released? Not sure if im diggin the auto tone.
At least he classifies it as pop and not hip hop.


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dunno what to make of it either...I don't know if I want to sing along or slit my wrists...

I guess I'll review track by track:

say you will - I like the beat kind of like an EKG with aneglic voices in the back...the lyrics are kind of wack and simple but this is first venture into "songwritting" so I'll forgive him

welcome to heartbreak - Kid Cudi represent he really brings this song out..the beat is OK not ye's best but again cudi makes it...lyrics again are not the best "report card/sports car"

heartless - beat is OK not worthy of being a single..I guess the label forced him to release it as a single to give the kanye fans a reason to buy the record

amazing - LOVE the beat...very beautfiful he learned alot from working with chris martin as the beat reminds me of homecoming love the telephone effect with a subtle auto tune...jeezy's verse is great but not necesarry. one of my fav's

love lockdown - catchy, great lead off single to showcase the feel of the album...and chicks love this tune...for the drum break...3 different girls at three different times all love the part where the drums kick in...wierd.

paranoid - this should've been on graduation insted of drunk hot girls, the beat reminds me of back in time by huey lewis but I appreciate the throwback to classic electro house 80's bronski beat shit. mr hudson is a brit group signed to GOOD music FYI. another fav.

robocop - apparently west hates this one. I don't know how to feel about it. The lyrics suckbut whatever thats expected. the beat starts off like a trent reznor production, then moves to some cheesy string arrangement thats a cross between vida la veda and the theme from trading places starring eddie murphy.
regardless I'm a sucker for uplifiting strings and for some reason this is one of my fav on the record

street lights - esthero represent! - it's ok but too many elements in it...not as minimal as the rest of the record...and kind of boring...

bad news - I love this cus he samples Nina. one of kanye's best beats ever. the song is acctually good and is one of the best on the album. my fav on the record.

see you in my knightmares - meh. it's ok but it reminds me of put on. and weezy doesn't really add anything to it. people prolly will think this is the next single cus weezy is on it but it really should be amazing.

coldest winter - boring, whatever you have to end the album somewhere

the freestyle song pinnochio - doesn't fit well but apparently beyonce asked him to put it on...I hope ye got a blowjob at least for agreeing cus the "freestyle" is kind of lame...not album worthy at all.


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this guy thinks he's the voice of a generation? I'd rather listen to just about anything other than Kanye "sing" a bunch of depressing ballads with variations of that fucking voice effect on practically every track.

I'll give it another listen and see if it grows on me at all...but I highly doubt it.


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listen to amazing, bad news, love lockdown, paranoid and robocop I think those are the best picks from the album


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Who is the voice of a generation:

In the Kanye thread someone dissed KW for saying he's the voice of a generation, which made me think — who has been/who is the voice of youth in hip-hop?

Looking back, I'd have to say KRS-One and NWA back in the day. Then Tupac/Jay-Z , then Eminem, following Mathers it's hard to say, maybe Fiddy...

Yoour choices?
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I like it. It's more of a personal album, and I like the fact that he's trying something different from what he usually does.

Not his greatest by any means, but I admire what he's trying to do.