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Just Visited Buffalo


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What a sad city. I thought, like, there would be buffalo wings flying around or something, but the city looked abandoned...

And I've never seen a city with so many police cars driving around...




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I know..
it's an industrial fallout zone.

Getting semi-lost there on an odd wednesday latenight sucks even more..

Some people call it the armpit of America, but I think it's a city that's a relic of the cold war.
I heard that if you walk down the main street, you can find various players from the Buffalo Bills panhandling.

From the Ministry of choke

Prime Minister Highsteppa
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Originally posted by OTIS

Some people call it the armpit of America, but I think it's a city that's a relic of the cold war.

LMAO I was just about to call it that :D

Then I thought about Sudbury... :eek:


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I still wonder why downtown buffalo was a ghost town when I passed by one Saturday afternoon. While people flood the sidewalks of downtown Toronto on Saturdays, it was as if a neutron bomb killed all the people in buffalo but left the buildings intact. Minus the dead bodies of course. There were barely any stores or restaurants open as well.

TaCk OnE?

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buffalo is a horrible place to be sure...but they get the good deals on gear at thier famous outlet malls.

so people are depressive, yet well dressed.
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Did you run into any celebs?




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Buffalo is a shithole if I've ever seen one. Armpit of america? Wait....I live in Hamilton.

Even driving down for a bills game, makes me proud to live in Canada. Derilect houses, roads you couldn't ride a donkey on, yet still have to pay tolls and just he general atmosphere!

I'm just glad I've been to other US cities, I'd think that the states was a 3rd world country.

But the wings at "honey's" are top notch I must admit.


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Buffalo actually has some really beautiful old buildings, probably some of the first skyscrapers ever built...

the Guaranty Building and those three red-brick towers behind City Hall are really nice...they also have some parks designed by Frederick Law Omstead (the guy who designed Central Park) and you can track down the place where some crazy Polish anarchist busted a cap in the ass of the twenty-fifth president of the United States

The Guaranty Building

the bad man who shot Mckinley:

where they put him after they arrested him:

what they did to him next:
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It's a city filled with brown buildings. The bus station there, where we ALWAYS stop on the way to NYC, is really dismal.

I once thought I'd get some air and decided to smoke at the exit facing the downtown. Wow... some trees... no cars.. no people.. and some more brown buildings.

Barfallo. That's what I call it.


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And can anyone please explain to me why their tv channels are always so ghetto looking? Is it the cameras they use?
The skin tones are always yellowy or pink with spots.. and the makeup on the news anchors is always really bad...


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didn't they also FILM ghostbusters there?

I just spent the past 4 days in buffalo.
my only complaint about this US City is the price of weed.
It's $20us (which is about $36.50 cdn) A GRAM!!!
sometimes $60Us for an 1/8th
thats $100 cdn for something that I pay only $40 in canada.

But I still love buffalo and its ever growing scene.

poker face

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Buffalo is not the armpit of america I think that would be Detroit.

Buffalo is a quiet City with some nice towns in the out skirts. I basically call Buffalo an American version of Hamilton.

When it gets late at night it is pretty hard to find things open, expecially something to eat if you are drunk. There is one place downtown called Jim's Steakout where you can get Chicken finger subs.

If you go to Langford ot Hamburg it tends to get nicer then tonawanda etc...

I have friends in Buffalo that I have met over the year's from djing there and partying in Toronto. So I have had many good times in Buffalo djing at Marchella's and raves back in the day.

There is only one half decent club that supports our music anymore in B-lo and That is 658 main street.

lee <--- werd to pizza with only tomato sauce and chicken fingers coated in chicken wing sauce. And some rolling rock beer until 4:00am to wash it down!


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ahh the memories, I used to date a girl from Fredonia, honest, had to go through Buffalo to vist, a reason they call that city the arm pit of America
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Dont get me wrong, the outskirts are nice, the downtown near that bus station is sketchville


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holy crap i was just in buffalo / niagra falls and as SOON as i crossed over i realized what a dump it is. Why is it that once I leave Canada I feel dirty and hostile?


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:( :( :( *sniff*sniff* my poor city.....

This city does have major problems (mostly politically), but it has character, personality, and a huge sense of community. The city is run by a bunch of stubborn old men who have made nothing but mistakes over the last many decades.

But hey, we have a kick ass party scene down here... despite what looks to be a ghost town, people know how to have fun down here.

example (cheap plug 1)

learn more about things from a site i run...

Klubmasta Will

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i have had FABULOUS times in buffalo. a friend of mine, jason dawe, played for the buffalo sabres for about 5 years and we drove up there on a regular basis to go to games and get silly. mickey rats is a dive but i've had some truly insane adventures there. the pier is a whole lotta fun too if you go with good party friends.
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