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Just returned from Philadelphia


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Tanya and I (Meredith) just returned from Philadelphia (Whistle 3). We noticed that that city has no harm reduction or sober movements. (there was e-testing on site though).

At the end of the party, Tanya talked for a bit with the EMTs. They said that there were over 30 kids taken to hospital and 2 were probably not going to make it. The EMTs said that these kids had no idea what they were taking or how much.

We offered as much information and suggestions as we could, but the EMTs told us that they could not pass suggestions on to the promoter, they were hired only to pull the kids out as they dropped.

Inside the party, we saw EMTs walking around with shock paddles looking for kids who had overdosed.

Not only were there serious drug issues there, kids were also being treated for lacerations due to fights and assaults.

The party was well run from a production standpoint, but the kids had no education about what they were doing to themselves.

This just goes to show that a harm reduction philosophy and lots of education can help and save lives.

Meredith <------- very tired from 20 hours of driving