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Just One Fixx @ Fun Haus (aka Zen Lounge)

Subsonic Chronic

TRIBE Member
I showed up at around 2:30 to a nice surprise of a packed house.

Caught most of Scott aka Basilisk's set in the backroom (all psy-trance baby!) and that was pretty damn rockin'. Everyone dancing their asses off in that room left it feeling pretty hot by the time I got on at 4. It slowly started quieting down until around 5 when it seemed like a whole new crowd of people showed up wanting to dance, another pleasant surprise!

Finally closed things down close to 6, and when I stepped back out into the main room, there were still a lot of folks who had stuck around 'til the end there too.

The soundsystem in the backroom is quite a few notches up from when I was last there, and the renovations have really opened up the main room as well. If I'm not mistaken, this will be a monthly event, here's hoping the next few kick ass like the first one did!

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This was a great party!

I was almost going to skip it based on the fact it was fetish night, and Infected mushroom were both going on...so I figured there could't be too big of a crowd.... couldn't be more wrong.

I got there shortly before 1 to find a line up (for Phun Haus!?!) that stretched almost to the corner of the building. Thank god for knowing the door people.

Im not sure who was on when I first got in , but it was a nice warm up, for the set of the night , Grimmace was gold! Every time I hear this guy do a set it blows me away. Patrick DSP had a nice dark crunchy set that deserves the thumbs up.

I ventured into the back room a couple time and the pystrance was soo good , but it was actually too busy back there for me to get into the dancing.

It was funny to see toward the end of the night (4ish) the crowd from Fetish start to dribble in. And the dance floor slowly started turing black and shinny with more flesh showing.

From the moment I got there till right around 4 when I left the dance floor was packed, so much energy. This is said to be the sister party to Dark Rave and it is definitely keeping with the tradition , and keeping the bar set high.

oh and it was kewl to have my first random Tribe encounter , 420 guy it was nice meeting you. I hope I was making sense I was pretty much in lal la land at that point of the night.


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lol. was a fun night. that's for sure!

DSP was spot on. Far too long since I've heard him play out, especially to such a big crowd. The Ministry remix is sick!!

Subsonic, nice meeting you too. Loved your tunes. Till next time...:)

Stephen Tremor

TRIBE Member
was supposed to make it to this, but never got out of Kitchener... Thanks Hartec great great set at Frequency and hi pete! can't wait to have you back... things have been picking up since you were down.

we'll make a go of her yet!!!!
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i'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who came out, to all the dj's that played that night. you all stomped one out really nice. also, a very big thank you to grimmie and mr. d.fly for putting in the time and effort to help organize this new monthly event for our city. thank you.

I had a great time there. and from the looks on people's faces so did everyone else.

I took the liberty to compile almost all the pictures posted here and a few that I took too, and added them to my site in the misc section...




i'll see everyone again in april

um beijo e um queijo, tchau!
-Patrick DSP


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I had such an awesome time at this party, I'm definately checking out the next.
I'd never seen DSP spin before, but he was totally my favourite part of the night, I didn't sit for his entire set!
Thanks for the wicked party!:) :)


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i feel so stupid but after reading pete's review all i can say is:



ummm - ya the alte night get your drink on thing defently had an effect on me.

good times.

Subsonic Chronic

TRIBE Member
Originally posted by originalVIBE
i feel so stupid but after reading pete's review all i can say is:



Dude! It was so rocking in there, but so many people out in the main room didn't even know about it. The two doors to the back room were completely unadvertised and tucked away back there.


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Originally posted by Subsonic Chronic
Dude! It was so rocking in there, but so many people out in the main room didn't even know about it.

i can TOTALLY hear you saying that!!
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