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Just in case anyone's interested...


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The Restaurant/Bar I work at (Al Frisco's) is doing a complete renovation of its Upstairs Bar (about 350 people capacity). We're kinda going for a more upbeat and funky atmosphere (think Sugar), and are putting in a complete new sound system with turntables. Now all that we need are some DJ's....

It would be a weekly position (thursdays or fridays or saturdays - maybe more). I have no idea how much they are going to pay. Looking for a house/deep house vibe, but it would be a good idea to have a few disco, funk, and mabe a couple o' hip hop *cringe* records in your bag. It might not be a huge career boost to anyone, but it would be lots of fun (the bar is pretty damn popular with 20something women;) ) and you'd get to play out regularly.

If anyone's interested, just drop off a 60min. demo CD.

Attn: Dan and Matthew
Re: Demo
133 John St. Toronto
anytime Mon-Fri.