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Just for a day....


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If you could live anyone else's life for just ONE DAY... who would it be?


What would you do?
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George Dubyuh Bush.. I'd carry on normal all day then at 23:59 I'd fire my whole Administration, name my dead dog as VP, and finish the job the pretzel should have taken care of 3 years ago.
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I'd like to be Jutin Timberlake or Kofi Annan, or any man really. Just to have a dick for a day.


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Anthony Bourdain.

Travel to some exotic location and eat delicious food...sounds good to me!
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nice thread Jess.... who would i be?

I think, actually i know i would want to be my close and younger cousin... I've had the chance to witness him progress and grow up to be a NHL player for the Minnesota Wild. Back to when i had to hold his hand on Sunday pleasure skating to now see his incredible skating skills and speed of today... I wish i had the kids size!!! Anyhow i would kill to be in a NHL atmosphere and game... my long life childhood dream :D





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I'd be marcin m.. i've heard he's pretty cool.. i can just imagine that now.. a day in the life of marcin m :D


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awww man, paris hilton's taken.... but i would love to walk in her shoes for a day...

so i'll pick....

britney spears. i think that would be a riot.
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I think I'd wanna be a pro skater for a day...... Maybe like Rodney Mullen, or somebody super technical. I'd nose-wheelie my way everywhere. I'd spend the entire 24 hours skating. It must be fun to be THAT good.


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mmmm Orlando Bloom

I was gonna say Bill Gates but he seems B-oring to me
Paris would be much more fun - I would spend her entire fortune
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Originally posted by PosTMOd
So you want to be nobody?

Oooooh, burn.
in a strange way, being nobody would be like being everybody....
atleast in budist munk kinda way.

speaking of.... i never get any tribe-love.
I need to sit on here all day and post more. ;)

Booty Bits

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i'd either want to be a Cirque du Soleil performer, or someone with an incredible singing voice, or whoever is currently sleeping with John Corbett.
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