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Just curious who else is up....

Zenmaster Chi

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I'm currently finishing the last assignment of my undergraduate career...

I suppose it's appropriate that it's 4:47am and I'm still busy typing away...

did I mention it's due @ 1:00pm?

Ah....how the years have flown by....

Originally posted by AdamAnt
Writing my last essay for the year... then exams.
Mine's due at 8:30am.


I thought I was in a pickle...

what's yours on?

I'm working on my final law case....

damn you UN Law of the Sea...CURSE YOU!!!
The activism of Art in Jeannette Armstrong's Whispering in Shadows .

I'm almost done. I actually find that I slow down as I get closer to the end for some reason. Maybe I just start to relax when I know I can.
WHo knows.
im up

had a headache last night so i decided to lay down
this was at around 6-6:30

when i woke up it was 5 am


now im struggling to do homework

shite..i was suppossed to stay awake last night to finish my painting that i lugged home by foot yesterday! ARGH!!! :mad:

now im just procrastinating on tribe...dear god is it ever gay today.

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^^^ :eek:

neighbours? school computer lab? friends??

there must be somewhere you can go at this hour to print it out.

Yeah... My housemate has a printer but he isn't up yet... don't want to wake him... but I might!
WIsh I still lived across from Kinkos...