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Juno.co.uk ---- What the fuck?


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I'm looking for help from anyone who has ordered records from Juno before.

I ordered about $100 worth of vinyl from them at the beginning of December. I still haven't received my order. I've filled out their online "customer services enquiry form" several times, and they haven't gotten back to me. So today I called them at the number they have listed on their site, and it says the number is not in service. What the fuck? Has anyone ordered stuff from them recently (like in the last couple of weeks)? Or has anyone ran into something like this with them before? Is there another number I can call?



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Usually they are pretty good about it, but out of experience, if it's delayed (especially that much vinyl) attribute it to the Canada Customs & their tightened security.. when it does come, expect a nice customs tax attached to it.



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Next time use the FedEX option ... for an extra 5 pounds they'll FedEX you your records
So that you'll get them in 3 days and you won't have to pay ant customs charges



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Gunark, I ordered a bunch of stuff from them at the beginning of December and I just got it last week. It's definitely a customs thing, because I've ordered from thema couple of times in the past and the orders always got here quickly.

If you're going to contact them, the customer response form is totally useless as you discovered. The phone number is legit though, since I called them a few weeks ago to find out where the heck my stuff was. Just remember that you have to dial 011 before the making an international call. So, the number they give is 44 (0)20 7561 0072, but you need to dial 011-44-207-561-0072. (Sorry if you know all of this already but it took me a while to figure it out at first..

I'd be willing to bet that your stuff is at customs though. Hope that helps.

- Sam


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no sign of my order either...if it's customs why do all my other UK mailorder packages come throught in two weeks at the latest???...I think its Juno frankly...
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