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Junior's House


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Holy crazy ass party! Roxy was KICKIN. The crowd was beautiful, the tunes were slammin, the corona was pouring forth like water....

We got there after midnight, and as we expected, the place was RAMMED. We hid out downstairs where there was a bit more room to hear some sweet sweet deep house tracks...at some points there was even a soca flavour...very sleazy but fun.

We later decided to brave the elements and venture upstairs to hear Sanchez.......



...who was spinning PROGRESSIVE?? Not that i had a problem with that, it was quite good (tribaly tones which are always aces in my books), but nowhere NEAR what i was expecting from him.

The set was pretty much flawless as far as I heard...some gorgeous long, long mixes...*gyah* sooo good. Junior was so into it too..singing along with all his tracks...totally getting into it...so nice to see. The set was great, it was pumping, and it actually got quite hard for a while at the end.

Until he busted out...

That's right kids..


Mr. Jr Sanchez comes all the way out here to
an amazing fucking party, spins an amazing fucking set, and closes with... One More Time. SO gold. I coudln't believe it..so out of place. (Louie I missed you during this song....i didn't even have to kill a gabber dj to hear it!).

Anyways, another great night out, with GREAT fucking people..




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Holy Wow,
Junior played a wicked set. Very tribal at the start and moved into some nice hard house(crazy Moby-Southside remix). HE (Junior) was right into it, dancing and singing behind the decks. The crowd was amazing and the venue was nicely decorated. Roxy is definatley one of Toronto's better venues and it always attracts a beautiful crowd. All and all a nother great night.


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Got there around 1ish. Was suprised to hear hard pounding house from Sanchez as we strolled in. It was incredibily hot upstairs where Sanchez was spinning; sent many of us downstairs to Surface to hear Peter and Tyrone. They played their classic jazzy and tribaly beats that has the place rammed. Pretty shocked to hear Tyrone drop a Soca song in the middle of his set. Could it have been because of the 3 island cuties hangin off em in the DJ booth???

Late in Sanchez's set, he began to play progressive house; couldn't believe it. Moreover, I couldn't believe the reaction of the crowd. They dug it.

Had a blast; stayed till then end after Sanchez dropped One More Time mixed with an acid house break.

Crowd was fantastic ! Beautiful and happy people everywhere. Always a great time at Roxy Blu.



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a little bright, and they went a little overboard with the sponsorship logos and shit every, but all in all a decent enough party.

Par- T

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Welcome to Junior's House or did it belong to B&H Jet to Ibiza?
Got to Roxy about 11:30 and was greeted by an airline theme ??! boarding passes, flight attendants (in gold), etc. Obviously Benson & Hedges was going all out for their contest for a trip to Ibiza - no I didn't win.
The place didn't fill up until midnight, but once it did - holy hot house !! they wanted us to feel like we were already in Ibiza upstairs with the tropical temperature, humidity, palms and podium dancers.
Evil P followed by Junior started with some nice house tunes that got me groovin' but I couldn't stay up there for long, had to move downstairs to stop the melting.
Peter & Tyrone in one room gave their usual quality set and even threw in some cool soca tunes (keeping with the "Island" theme ?? but it was the wrong islands). Jason Palma & Dee Jay Nav in the other provided more laid back, jazzy, garage tunes in the other room.
Ventured back upstairs and was boiling in no time - can't listen to the tracks he was dropping without dancing my ass off despite the heat. He let drop some great hard/ progressive house and even though it did get cheesy with "One More Time" towards the end, at least he mixed it with something more banging. Ended the night with Basement Jaxx "Romeo" leaving us all wanting more.