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Junior Sanchez @ Therapy


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I hadn't heard anything about this event until a couple of hours before. Friend called me aup and asked if i want to go check out Junior Sanchez at Therapy for free, so i said sure. Turned out the be a really good decision, although i was wondering how it would be with him spinning in Therapy Lounge which isn't even a club.

Dj Costes opened up for him playing an up and down set of some good bangin house and remixes of a couple 80s tracks like "I Ran," and "Blue Monday." Costes spun good set overall.

Junior Sanches came on aroun 12:30 and opened with a remix of that new No Doubt song "it's my life" that sounded alot like ther origional. Then he proceeded to play dirty electro house remix after dirty electro house remix. He was playing remix after remix of everything from Led Zeplin to the White Stripes to Nirvana, and loads of 80s remixes. One of the only origional tracks he played was "house of jelous lovers," by The Rapture. Really good set though. I'd love to see him in a larger venue in a less "loungy" environmant.

Fun night, friendly crowd, good couple of djs, definate thumbs up.
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