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Junior Sanchez @ System


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well, i would have a review of junior sanchez if i had ever gotten in to system last night. instead, i'd like to offer a review of the events outside the club ...

my friends and i got there around 11:30 thinking it was nice and early and since we had guestlist would get in swiftly. as we got closer to the club though we remembered something...we were going to system where the line doesn't move unless you have the cash to bypass it.

the guestlist line was twice as long as the cash line. between 11:30 and 12:00 the line moved twice. as usual, people were calling over the bouncers or walking over to them with bills in hand and of course getting in.
by 12:30 we were 10 people from the front of the line. at this point there were 3 lines: cash line, guestlist and the bribe line. guess which one was the only one moving. we couldn't believe it. nobody was even being discreet about it anymore. we stood in the same spot in line from 12:30 until 1:00. the last straw was when we saw a girl bribing the bouncer to let her and her 14 friends in (i'm not exagerating, we heard her say "there's 15 of us"). we were furious. we realized at this point we probably weren't going to get in and that if we did we'd be too pissed off to have a good time anyways. so we left.

an hour and a half in the fucking guestlist line! i couldn't feel my feet anymore. i don't know how it is that system has any customers when they treat them this way. yes i was getting in free, but i had over a $100 i was prepared to drop at the bar.
not that anyone there cares, but they've lost my business, i won't be going to system again.

so anyways, anyone wanna share what i missed and give a review of the inside...


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make that, i won't be going to system any night but sunday, breakfest is a totally different story

The Chemist

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Same situation ouside of Una Mas. Freezing cold, and the line not moving, except for people skipping line. Had to bail and go to Nasa, walked right in and had a great time.


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thats somewhat unfair to single out System for their door policy. Its fairly a wide spread problem in Toronto. The crowd can also be blamed for all arriving at the same time. One could go to any number of smaller clubs until 2 or 3. I went to Blow Up @ El macombo and arrived at 3 - waited less than 5 minutes and danced till 6.

I strolled in to see a longer coat check line while One More Time played...again herd mentality...very weird...but the weirdest moment of the night happened during that Madonna track - complete silence then the following track was the worst mix ever - actually it was hilarious to see several dancers pause mid move like teetering on the edge of cliff; totally confused about the beat. Perhaps, Junior was not to be blamed...does anyone know if that was a technical problem? Its strange how a trainwreck can taint an entire set; kinda like a fall in figure skating. So no gold.

Silver? sure.


PS Once at System I forgot my ID and immediately offered this massive bouncer $10 to let me in. He refused my bribe, smiled, and allowed me to enter...nice.


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Once again that's where you guys keep on making mistakes. We were on the reduced list, We knew it was going to be very busy..(nothing else happening in the city), We did not want to pay $20 at the door, and We did not want to wait in line for hours soooo We got there early, (11:00) and we were in by 11:15.... as an experienced clubber especially one who is lucky enough to get on the guest list I know that if I don't want to wait, or if I don't want to grease any palms I get there by 11:00 on guest dj nights (hey it's going to be busy) This goes for any club I've been to when I know it will be packed. I'm always amazed at the people who get to a club at 11:30 when they are on the guest list, after it happens once, twice, three times.... well you should learn to get there earlier (beacause there wasn't more than a 15 min difference between our arrival times) or just go into the paying line which is always smaller anyway.

P.S. Junior Rocked... except for the skipping record or C.D.... and I love the new dj booth, good work system.
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it wasn't the fact that we had to wait in line so long that pissed us off so much, it was the fact that the only people that were getting in were the people paying off the bouncers.

Par- T

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I know exactly how you feel Chyka, been in that situation too many times at System. I've tried arriving at all different times and it is the same crap, anywhere between 10:45 and 11:30 - hopeless.
I'd gotten sick and tired of freezing my butt and feet off, so that place has been on my boycott list since Picotto was there last Dec. Have no intention of taking it off my list anytime soon.