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Junior Sanchez @ bang


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who's going this saturday??? i'll be there for sure. i haven't heard jr. sanchez since connected 99. i really dig his track called slave beat on dj dan's new cd. it should be good.



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I'll be there. Junior Sanchez has yet to disappoint me and he seems to be playing more diversely lately too, just a tad harder the way i like it. Plus I must give him props for playing la la land way back in December 2000. With Donald Glaude coming up and Lil Louie Vega, I think I'll probably spend way too much time at System during March.

...now only if they pile the speakers up at the side of the dj booth so I can reclaim "my" spot I'll be a happy partier...:D


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If Bang is bringing him in, I doubt he'll play Prog.

I would expect some house for sure, but who knows.

I'll be @ Bam Bam anyways, so I could care less :D But Glaude, Lil Louie Vega and John Aqua to follow... System is bringing in the DJs this month.

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