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Jungle And Breaks @ Fever April 12th

Dr. Grinch

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A wicked time last night. Got to Fever around 11, no line ups, no hassles. Inside the crowd was pretty sparse I must say. Ruckus was up, and he dropped a great set even though he says he didn't. Next was Capital J, and he started out awesome with lots of energy and some scratching to get the masses moving. Technical problems plagued his set though, and it made it a little hard to get into. Full respect to him and MCP though for keeping things going proper.

And then Marcus hit the decks and performed his usual magic that only he is capable of. Anyone who was there to dance and have a good time last night knows what I'm talking about.

On the other side of the place was the Lovely Ladies of Breaks. I caught sets by Sui Yi (sp?) and part of Jen Lasher's set. Needless to say I was Totally impressed with the talent these ladies have. Sui Yi especially since it was her first set and she threw down flawlessly. Total respect for that!
I also fell in freaking love with these two women. Both were SO good looking, and girlies who spin are 5 times as sexy. Hehehe.
The sound system on this side was also WAY better than the jungle room.

Needless to say I had a wicked time. Kinda wish it had been a little busier, but it left room for me to dance my ass off. :)


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JEN LASHER OWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and dr. grinch, when u say sui yi...........are u meaning 10 sui, or missdriXon (little su)?? cuz it was little su's first appearance and she rocked it!!!! YAY SU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........10 sui was the headliner from uk.



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Jen Lasher can kick it on the decks and she can kick it on the dance floor too; girls got moves. She brings a lot of energy to the booth when she plays.

I was tired, didn't get into dancing much, but had a good time just standing around and nodding my head. Wasn't impressed with 10 sui at all, liked Kick's opening set very much.

Capital J abused me with some hard and evil jungle for a while, but I can only take so much of that. Missed Marcus, although I heard he laid it down nicely. He's one guy I really respect behind the decks. Nice guy who's got an amazing ear are skills to back it up.

Dr. Grinch

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Originally posted by breakz_btch
JEN LASHER OWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and dr. grinch, when u say sui yi...........are u meaning 10 sui, or missdriXon (little su)?? cuz it was little su's first appearance and she rocked it!!!! YAY SU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........10 sui was the headliner from uk.


Little Su..
Her real name is Su Yi I'm told. She went to school with a few of my buddies. She dropped a mean set, and has been stuck in my head all day..
Gah.. :eek:

She's so cute.
Too bad I didn't run into you Jen, woulda been nice to meet you.
I was wearing a white Quiksilver shirt with a big logo on the back.. Maybe next time.. ;)

DJ Red Lion

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Miss Erection!

Alive in the 905 once again!

Shouts again to Dawson on his Birthday weekend, hope it was a good one bro.

My main motivation for making the trek to Fever on Friday was to support one of my close friends during her first live set at an event. Missdirxion aka Su aka Canada's Cutest DJ. I must say for her first set, I was very impressed. Awesome track selection, with lots of vocals and funky bass lines. Eventhough she had to stand on a crate to reach the decks she did a fine job of mixing. Look out for this "Breaks Babe" hitting the wheels again sometime soon. Congratulations Su!

Managed to catch some of J's set in the jungle gym. I've always liked J's style. He plays high energy tracks, feels the crowd and really enjoys putting on a show. Nice mixes of old, new and some classic J plates as well as some freshly pressed ones.
Marcus as always tore shit up. Still my favourite jungle dj, time and time again, what else can we say about this guy .......... really!

Can't really comment on any other sets as I spent most of the night keepin' it real to my roots in the jungle room but all and all another good night in Hamilton. Shouts to all the Steele City Crew & as always Bobby's Taxi Service!
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Angus Robinson

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Good times were had! I especially enjoyed Jen Lasher's set - spinning some tasty nu school beats with lots of energy. Su's first outting was impressive as well (the last 15 minutes that I caught, anyway). She was playing lots of classics which really got the crowd goin.



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I had a great time...as per usual. Congrats Su, I took TONNES of pics!
Also, had a rockin time at my place afterwards, thanks to all who came.

peanut butter

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this is my belated review (3 exams today....then hit the bar!!!)

I had a wicked time out at Fever on Friday. Period.
I didn't think i'd run into as many people as i did but i've re-evaluated that...four amazing women playing music that makes everyone dance...who wouldn't show up???

DJ Kick - rocked the dex early and this was the 2nd time i've heard her and i was suitably impressed...always digging the electro!!! (Bring more on Wednesday at Tonic!!!!)

Misdirexion (sp?) - did a good job for a first outing (especially with that riser! Good luck :)

10sui - i think her set went over everyone's head (like the last time i was at Fever --- DJ Slim)... i enjoyed the darker UK stuff but I've gotta give it up for the original Salt & Peppa "Push it" when she got funkier. Thanks for the pictures too...the Ninja collection is complete.

Jen Lasher - WOW! what a way to close off the night. Wow, hard as nails and she can dance too.

Happy birthday (week!!!) Dawson, and good to see all the USED crew, Hammertown crew and all the other drunkards.
Thanks to Matt (& Monika) for the ride and everyone who laughed at me as i got silly.

There were no pants down pictures this weekend...(no really, i think that's a good thing!!!!)