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Jumpin Jack Frost


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Jumpin Jack Frost... how was he?

I really wanted to make it out to that, but the lack of a ride prevented me from getting to the venue :(


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Frost didn't make it.

the party was alright.. the security are super tight in that place, but they didn't find my 3-paper bat so NAH NAH NAH!

supply and demand were alright.. they played a few tunes at the end of their set that were pretty buck, but on a whole, they were average.

bryan gee was sick!
he played a shit load of good tunes.. the middle of his set got a little dry, but then he dropped this killa dillinja tune and woke everyone up again.

he played torpedo's, which i've been dying to hear, it was good, but not as hype as everyone has made it out to be.
hopefuly raverguy will come along and give us a tracklisting, i'm interested to see what some of the tunes he played were
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The CLub is called VIVA

and last night was easily one of the best parties all year...

Supply&Demand - SICK!
Bryan Gee - Insane set! over 2 hours of TUNES!!
The MC put on a good show, runnin thru the crowd chattin away!

The Venue, well, crazy system, beautiful lighting, proper all around


Here comes JP's review!



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Mayday & V's 'The Next Level'

After a lengthy 3 year hiatus, the infamous Mayday Productions makes its impeccable return with 'The Next Level.' In conjuction with one of UK's most unique label, V Recordings, who better to bring in other than the V legends themselves: Jumpin' Jack Frost, Bryan Gee, as well as Supply & Demand and the original MC Darrison. However, through no fault of the promoters, JJ Frost was to no avail last night due to uncontrollable circumstances.

With larger venues getting thinly scarce in Toronto, Mayday crew went out of its way to dig out a seldom used venue from a few years ago: Markham's 'Viva' niteclub formerly known as 'The Other Room.' As stated on their flyer, their new emphasis in today's scene is quality; hopefully to usher in a new era of mature drum & bass parties. It was very hard not to notice the intelligent lighting they've set up in the vast space. As far as the sound system goes, let's just say it's one of the best I've heard in quite a while for a party of that capacity. A definite hats off goes out to the technicians. Notable mention to the hot asian bartenders in the upper rear level, an added bonus! ;)

Arrived at the venue as Everfresh was wrapping up his set. Crowd size was minute at this point but slowly grew as Lush & L Natural aka Catchin' Wreck tore up the decks. Lush once again proving why he's become such a household name; a prolific artist who's up to par IMO with the big UK dogs. Always seem to be on top of their game and equipped with forthcoming exclusive dubs as well as solid flawless mixing. Supply & Demand treated the masses with a horde of smooth vocals bits as well as heavy crowd smashers. MC's Caddy Cad and Darrison doing a great job of vibing up the crowd nicely. Quite uncanny how MC Darrison aka Ragga D greatly resembles new hip-hop artist Ludacris.

Highlight of the night definitely goes out to Bryan Gee's set. His bag consisted of elite dubs only questionable of its release. His tight selection certainly makes up for his obscure mixing and cutting.

Here's the usual (dedicated to all ya tracklisting haters):

1) Roni Size feat. Rahzel - Out of Breath
2) The Streets - Has It Come To This (High Contrast Remix)
3) Carlito & Addiction - ???
4) Shy FX feat. Di - Don't Wanna Know <rewind>
5) Full Cycle camp - ???
6) Marky & XRS - LK (Roni Size Remix)
7) Roni Size - Playtime
8) Krust - ???
9) Dillinja - How Dare You <rewind>
10) Dillinja - South Mans
11) J Majik & Sonic - New Generation <rewind>
12) ??? - ?Raise It Up?
13) ??? - ?Feel It?
14) J Majik - Capuera
15) Ed Rush & Optical - Puerto Time <rewind>
16) Ed Rush & Optical - Good Foot
17) Dillinja - Live Or Die <rewind>
18) )E|B( - The Hornet <rewind>
19) Origin Unknown feat. MC Dynamite - Something That You've Never Seen <rewind>
20) )E|B( - Torpedo <rewind>
21) Dillinja - ???
22) Full Cycle camp - ???
23) D Product - ???
24) Roni Size - Swings & Roundabouts
25) M.I.S.T. & High Contrast - 3am
26) M.I.S.T. feat. Jenna G - Midnight (M.I.S.T. 2002 Remix)
27) Marky & XRS - LK (M.I.S.T. Remix)
28) D Kay - Barcelona (High Contrast Remix)
29) Danny C - Latin Thing
30) Accidental Heroes - ???
31) ??? - ???
32) Artful Dodger - Roughneck Sound (Dillinja Remix)

2 hours of mayhem, too bad half the crowd didn't emptied out right after last call.

Much gratitude and welcome back goes out to Mayday; looking forward to more quality parties.

Much shouts go out to the Boodah crew (Tim, Oranges, Toxic, etc.) Tryan, Derek, Kent, Kenzie, John, Clancy & Teebee inside the house.



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I wanted to go really badly to hear bryan gee as i havnt herd him since the syrous/dose run dmc party.....but alas, homework kept me here at my desk which is why i am not out tonight as well.....it fucking blows....

glad to hear the party went off well, despite the no show on jumpin jack frost. Rumer has it, he was to drunk to board the plane........
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glad i didnt go to this, well actually not true but hearing that there was no jack frost I'm not too upset I got screwed off of guestlist thanks saj, but brian gee's set sounds pretty dope however it sounds like everyone elses set is gonna sound when those new dillinja tunes drop. Good to see Bryan gee caining those full cycle tunes though best tunes that dont get enough play. Anyways I'm suprised no one seemed to mind darrison's abrasive and annoyiong vocals but whatever hope this venue is used more often A good venue Is as key to a party as any other part BIG UP FUNKY BUDDAH for keepin' it real to markham home of 6 Junglists one being me lol