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Juicers! Anyone here into Juicing? (no not steroids)


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Looking to buy a juicer but there are a ton of brands and a ton of different types. I understand that the dual gears are typically the best and definitely want cool pressed to maintain and expose all the nutrients. I am interested in your opinions and experiences with different juicers. As well I would appreciate any suggestions on a brand, model and place to buy.

Im open on cost but would like to spend no more than 1k.

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I get mine delivered from a company called juicebecause.ca, 300$ bucks a month, but so worth it for the blast of nutrients.


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How much juice do they give you for $300 bucks?

I was planning to do it myself. I think it will help me kick up the gardening bug that Im feeling and eat more healthy overall.


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While they definitely aren't the easily thing in the world to clean, I used my Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 3 times a day for just over 4 months and was happy with the amount of time it took to clean and the level of cleanliness I was able to achieve with it.

It's not the fanciest juicer in the world, but I was very happy with the amount of juice it was able to produce and its ability to extract most, if not all, of the juice from the veggies and fruits I put into it.

the Juice Fountain Multi-Speed | Breville

All of the veg/fruit pulp goes off to one side and those remains are very much dry and void of any juice, so it did a good job of extracting all the good stuff and leaving the rest behind.

It's not the most expensive either, but it definitely did the trick for me. I picked mine up a Future Shop for $200.


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We have an Omega 8600 that was bought after EXTENSIVE research by my GF. It was a few hundred bucks I think but is considered to be one of the few good models of non-commercial grade units. Otherwise you're looking at over $1000 for a commercial grade unit.

I don't do the juicing but I'll tell you this, it's a time consuming process. 20-30 mins for prep, juicing and clean-up.

There's somewhat weak but not entirely discountable science that the longer the juice is left to sit the more it loses in quality and nutrients. I don't really buy the nutrient part but there are those that swear by it so whatever. Point being is that you don't really want to make large batches and have them sit around. So again ... time consuming.

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They are a bitch to clean.
They are bitch to clean, you will have a huge volume of vegetable in your fridge taking up space and it is time consuming. But I saw that film Fat Sick and Nearly and dead and know a few people who lost mega weight juicing.


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That depends on what you're juicing.
Everyone in this thread who juices only leafy greens, cruciferae, ginger, cilantro and the like, raise your internet hands. Beets, carrots, apple, pineapple, pear - you may as well down a Del Monte juice box and save the hassle of cleanup.

If I walked into a friend's home and they pointed out their $1000 juicer, the first word out my mouth would be, "Why?" I can understand the occasional blended vegetable juice for a change of pace, but you can do that in an actual blender with some water and at least retain some of the fibre that you're going to lose by pressing your produce into liquid.

Can anyone who juices provide some legitimate research that shows it is somehow better for you than eating whole fruits and vegetables?


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Solostar 4. Slowest juicer on the market. The only juicer that The Big Carrot sells. $429 not that hard to clean. Quiet. Love it.