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Joy Division Biopic-Anton Corbijn To Direct


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The life of late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis is to be made into a film, it has been announced.
The Manchester-based production is called Touching From A Distance, after a book by Curtis's widow Deborah which forms the basis for the film.

Music mogul Tony Wilson, who headed the record company Joy Division were signed to, will be co-executive producer.

The musician committed suicide in 1980 aged 23, shortly before the band were due to go on tour in the US.

Mr Wilson, who has remained friends with Curtis's widow and daughter Natalie, who he says asked for his involvement to make the film "official".

"People have different ideas as to why Ian committed suicide, so maybe the film will reflect those different views," he told the BBC News website.

This is much more than the music - they want to do the real story of Ian

Music mogul Tony Wilson

Plans for a separate Joy Division film had been announced at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, but the project did not get off the ground as it failed to get the backing of Curtis's family.

Mr Wilson, who was also involved with Joy Division's sucessor band New Order, as well as the Happy Mondays, said he would "rather not" appear in the film.

He made a cameo appearance in 24 Hour Party People, in which his leading role was played by Steve Coogan.

"I'm not an actor and I did a lousy job playing my part in 24 Hour Party People," said the Factory Records founder, who has been associated with the Manchester music scene since the 1970s.

"Film people have a tendency to mess up when they touch music, but I hope this one works.

Biopic plans

"This is much more than the music - they want to do the real story of Ian," he said.

The film is to be directed by Dutch-born Anton Corbijn, who has made music movies for Depeche Mode and U2.

It will be produced by a US production company, while the widow of Ian Curtis will also be an executive producer.
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terrawrist III

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interesting...did they even make reference to a wife/child in "24 hour party people"?? :confused:

actually I wouldn't mind reading that book

Aerius Zension

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Jeez, that book's been on my To Read list for 12 years, completely forgot.

Good to focus not just on the music.

Didn't know he had a daughter, nice to stay out of the public eye. Finally saw a pic of Kurt Cobain's daughter somewhere recently. Nothing bu pity for that kid and her lousy mom.


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a joy division movie would be interesting. I like the casting they used in 24 hour party people (and they discuss how he died in more detail on the tony wilson commentary, terrarwrist).

the guy they got to play bernard who went on to form new order was the main guy in human traffic too.
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Some casting's already been announced...

Ian - Sam Riley
Deborah - Samantha Morton
Annik (Ian's mistress) - Alexandra Maria Lara

I'd like to think Corbijn's a good choice because he did their videos but he's never directed a fictional film before.

In the book Ian comes off as a real asshole...I get the sense Deborah stayed with him because of their daughter.


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Originally posted by rejenerate

I'd like to think Corbijn's a good choice because he did their videos but he's never directed a fictional film before.

well, the same could be said for Gondry or Jonze.

Corbijn is an amazing person to work with and has the experience working with the band, so he should be able to portray them in the proper light.
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Originally posted by terrawrist III
AND morvern callar AND minority report AND code 46...she's been brilliant in just about every role

She's the next.... Jennifer Connelly!!!!

(Sure to get a residual Oscar for some minor role as payback for putting out in a film like "Requiem":p ..which the Oscars will acknowledge yet won't touch with ten-foot pole....)

rave jedi

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Newest video from Anton Corbijn for Depeche Mode called "Suffer Well" from their "Playing the Angel" album. In this video Dave Gahan's real-life wife is playing the angel here. An angel must have truly saved his life because he was actually dead for 2 minutes. He had a flatliner and was literally dead for 2 minutes from a heroin overdose.

This video rocks and depicts Dave Gahan's inner demons and I can't wait for the biopic on Ian Curtis!!!


rave jedi

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This movie "Control" has already been released in select cities and I'm pretty sure TIFF 2007 screened it as well.

Anyone know the Toronto release date???
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end of the month (i believe) in toronto...saw it at tiff...good film, & the actor playing ian did a great job...also check out the joy division documentary...


the gatekeeper

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is the documentary going to be out at theatres too or online or something? i wanted to see it and slept through the last showing at the film festival.


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tiff def had it and looking forward to see it in a non-fight-for-tickets capacity. i love anton corbijn's work (obvious to those that know me) so having him do a feature film about an incredible band is mouth watering.
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