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Joshua Reid - Push (A Little Harder) - Electro/Breaks

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by JoshuaReid, May 22, 2010.

  1. JoshuaReid

    JoshuaReid TRIBE Member

    For those who still do enjoy electro house/breaks, this set was made 100% for the gym. I wanted a mix of a bunch of tracks that ive been loving for well, a while. Theres some old, some new, some borrowed, and some blue, and definitely some major bump going on as well. So take it for what it is, but i think the mixing is quite creative, with a nice overlap of some vocals, and enough tracks to keep it changing and interesting.

    Joshua Reid - Push (A Little Harder)

    Dj Rooster And Sammy Peralta - Push (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mix) (this track is throughout the whole set, thought it provided some encouragement to push hard at the gym ;) )

    1. Troydon - Mad World
    2. Keith MacKenzie - Open Ya Drapes (Electric Soulside Remix)
    3. Mightyfools - Hey Babe (Electric Soulside)
    4. Nu Coalition - Born For The Nightlife (Aston Shuffle Remix)
    5. Malente - Killer Applikation (Aston Shuffle Remix)
    6. Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down (Bass Weazel Remix)
    7. Lee Coombs - Right Now
    8. Slyde - We Love It
    9. Datakid - Shake Well
    10. Stupid Fresh - Pump And Flop
    11. Rico Tubbs - Dare
    12. Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls (Jorge Jaramillo Remix)
    13. WoNK - Nasty Dog
    14. Dave Spoon - Lummox (Plump Dj's Remix)
    15. Dopamine & Klaus Hill - Ah Baby (Elite Force Remix)
    16. Dylan Rhymes - Superstar (Elite Force Remix)
    17. Chris Lake & Michael Woods - Dominos
    18. Plastic Angel - Try Walking In My World (Daniel Portman Remix)
    19. D-Unity & Richard Dinsdale - Winterdayze
    20. Daniel Portman - Virtual Suicide
    21. Elite Force - Engine

    Link: Zippyshare.com - Joshua Reid - Push (A Little Harde 2.mp3
  2. JoshuaReid

    JoshuaReid TRIBE Member


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