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Joshua Reid - Liquid to Keep You Hydrated (Vocal Liquid DNB)


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Hey folks,

Just wanted to share something I put together. My pal kept sending me all these amazing youtube links of liquid dnb which inspired me to put together a set. It's got a great summer vibe and pretty much has vocals throughout it all. Let me know what you think...

1. Technicolour & Komatic - Ever After
2. BCee - Keep the Faith (ft. Robert Owens)
3. Lenzman - How Did I Let You Go (ft Riya)
4. BCee - The Gift (feat Shaz Sparks)
5. Villem & Fields - Azura
6. Submotion Orchestra - All Yours (S.P.Y Remix)
7. Emporer - She Said
8. Emporer - Begin (ft. Georgia Yates)
9. Spectrasoul - Glimpse (ft. dBridge)
10. Spectrasoul - Light in the Dark (ft. Terri Walker)
11. S.P.Y - Love Hurts
12. Seba - Nightrider (Technicolour & Komatic Remix)
13. Spectrasoul - Away With Me (Calibre Remix)
14. Funkware & Mr Zodiac - Sunny Beats (ft. Stefanie)
15. BCee - So Right (ft. Darrison)
16. BCee - Beyond Belief (Technicolour & Komatic Remix)
17. Lenzman - Wordsworth
18. Technicolour, Komatic & LSB - Rotary Motion
19. Shapeshifter - Sleepless (B-Complex Remix)
20. Netsky - Let's Leave Tomorrow

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