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Josh Wink @ System


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Wonh Wonh.

With a lack of *trance* parties to go to last night, we decided to venture our to hear the sweet progressive sounds of the one like Josh Wink. After an id fiasco which sent us back to Scarborough after trekking all the way out downtown to begin with, waiting in line for quite a while, we made it in just as Josh Wink was being introduced by that ever so entertaining "MC" of sorts (dude..easy on the lame pills).

Anways, he began his set. I was totally looking forward to dancing. Nothing he dropped at first made me want to dance. So we venture downstairs...that was rather weak too. Which then, obviously, required us to create our own fun. We somehow managed to occupy ourselves with missions (i won't go into details), then finally things started picking up.

Sweet, sweet house was coming forth from downstairs, and finally Josh dropped some tunes that actually got me moving.

OH...anyone who was there...what's the name of that track that he dropped that was pure vocals with a woman bitching about that guy she fucked with a really small dick, and the guy with no shoulders and shit?? Anyone know??

Anyways, I was impressed with Josh Wink during the mid-latter portion of his set, but other than that it was kinda disappointing. Completely uninspirational. But regardless, a fantastic time was had, I did get quite a bit of dancing in, so I'm happy.

It was great seeing Michelle, Susan, Shannon and Grahame....didn't see very many others though?? Not like I'm complaining.


OLM from HOM

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I know that vocal sample you described is known as SWEET PUSSY PAULINE ... There have been so many white labels out that used that sample, it's not even funny. My favourite though has to be the Elements Vs. Sweet Pussy Pauline.

Anyhow, I didn't go last night, although I wanted to ... saving myself for the coming weekend



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Wink played alot of nice tracks but overall there were TOO many long ass break downs with snare rolls and such. it seemed like the same thing over and over again. i'm glad he ended off with "Higher State of Consciousness".


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great company, great friends, decent tunes can make a fun fun fun night out. first time i was at system for bang, totally different crowd but a good vibe nonetheless. wink threw down some wicked tunes but like che said there wasn't much variety. ah well still danced like a mofo.


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"Fellas ... I wanna know if I can talk to you for just a second?
Now there's a certain kind of fella I wanna talk to this evening ...
I wanna talk to all these little dick ass mutha fuckas rollin' around here goin' like they got a big dick
Now, if you think you got a big dick
and think you can tear a a piece of pussy up, then let me hear ya ...
Ahhhhh huh, just what I thought
Not one mutha fuckin' word!
Well, my name is Sweet Pussy Pauline
And I got a story that I wanna share with you this evening.
Is that o.k.?

Now, I recently had an incident ... this mutha fucka
climbed up on top of me ...
the littlest dick you ever saw in your mutha fuckin' life
He had the nerve girls, to look into my pretty little brown eyes and say
"Am I hurting you?"
I was like "hurting me?" ... Mutha fucka you is ticklin' me ...
Get the fuck up off me, leave the change on the dresser and hit the door
I don't have to put up with that shit ..."

etc ...
etc ...
etc ...

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How is your evening so far?

Well.....It was a good night....and I am glad I came out. Dino and Terry played one of their better sets.... I flip flopped from the main room to the VIP where Michael Drury was throwin down that old Hall and Oates Remix of "I Can't Go For That".

I waited in anticipation for Josh Wink to step up. Now...the last time I saw him was at System maybe about 2 years ago. The place was PACKED....but all smiley, beautiful, friendly people. Mr. Wink (with Iverson cornrows and all) played incredibly well. I wasn't sure what I was gonna hear from him. There was lots of techno
and house.... and other stuff that I really don't know how to classify. His mixing was ok...and I agree with some of the other posts that some tracks lingered on for a bit too long. Nevertheless I was movin' it and others were too. I found that many of the remixed tracks that he played where exceptionaly different. He was very challenging at certain points and managed to impress by playing tracks that I don't think I have ever heard.

And then when Sweet Pussy Pauline hit the airwaves.....that put everyone up in arms!

(Solacevip responding to Sweet Pussy Pauline) - shit.....If ida known dat it wuz gonna be diss kinda party, I woulda stuck my dick in da mashed potatoes!!

I think Josh Wink was able to deliver us all into that higher state of conciousness.

Peace Party People


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wow that was fun.. sweet house music and some Earth shattering ecstasy makes for an eventfull evening!


I wasn't really impressed with the music at all.. boring but I was somewhat distracted! next day "aw, there was music?"

JayNeedsToLearnHowToWalkAgain, that was fun
michelle, mike, tina. nice seeing you guys.. (we shall never mention the glowstickin - or someone shall die)



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Dino and Terry started things off with some nice vocal garage house numbers. Josh Wink destroyed the Montreal massive back in March at Connected. I think was expecting too much based on that set. He didn't have his 'fro or FX units with him, and he bored me to death. I wanted to hear some dark techno, but I got a bit of house, a bit of progressive, and very little tech house. The place was packed to shit though.
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didn't Wink drop the Sweet Pussy Pauline vocal over "Knights of the Jaguar"?, i could have sworn.

p.s nice to meet you shannon. i hope you don't hate me. btw, Jason's looking for you


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i loved it
great night
tina, mike, shannon...nice to see you

susan what happened to you???
nice meeting kyle and roommates too.

that sweet pussy pauline tune was great.
i am still in recovery from saturday!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Che:
didn't Wink drop the Sweet Pussy Pauline vocal over "Knights of the Jaguar"?, i could have sworn.

That would sound DangerhOUSe.


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Yes I would have to agree it was a GREAT night. Met a few people there that i JUST met a couple days ago, and it was a very good night, but the fact he didn;t drop any old schools songs was kinda shitty, but over all JOSH WAS GOOD.

Like to ay whats up to the 29 year old financial planner dude i met at the bar, heheh happy vacationing bro, and hope to see anyone who went to WINK to see PICOTTO on sunday!


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Wink was great last week. I was loving the fact that he was dropping Techno and House. The crowd though or at least what I could see being right up by the DJ booth was more into Dino and Terry's House set that what Wink was doing.

Josh Wink used a Sweet Pussy Pauline sample himself on "Track 9" off of his 1998 "HereHear" album.

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